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The Power in Sound Chapter Two

Back on 7/11, I posted The Power Of Sound. Among the different kinds of sounds, I like to consider Rap or Rapping. At the Atlanta Civic Center in Atlanta, GA. Nov. 10, 1996 at a Memorial for Tupac Shakur, I was on the program to deliver a memorial message. (The Shakur family, mother Afeni, her sister, Gloria, daughter Sekiywa, and Tupac) I said, "First I want to Rap about Rapping. It’s important that we understand Rapping is rooted in our people’s history. The Griots, the story tellers of Mother Africa were Rappers. When I was young, we used to shine shoes, but we shined with a beat. We would pop our rags as we shined the shoes. Also, we did Ham Bone: “Ham Bone,Ham Bone where you been, around the world and back again.” Beating our hip and chest rhythmically as we rapped. Even when we played the dozens we had a beat to it. In fact, we used to say to those who did not want to play, but wanted to laugh and enjoy others playing, “If you don’t want to play, don't pat your feet to the beat.” All real Black Preachers are Rappers. To be continued tomorrow.


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