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The Power In Sound Chapter Twelve

Chapter Twelve

Well, I know it’s behind schedule but here it is—Chapter Twelve. The Power In Sound.

In the last article I addressed, we ought to own or control what we produce. So I’ll continue with chapter twelve. I know there are powerful forces out there-but God is all-powerful. If God is for us, He is more than the whole world against us. It will not happen without a struggle. But so what, we’ve been struggling all our lives.

If we're to put the same energy and intelligence that we employ against each other into supporting each other nobody in the world could stop us! “There is no progress without struggle “ Fred Douglas said a long time ago.

It shows again what Paul Robeson and others knew how inextricably bound together are the struggles for human rights and self-determination with art forms.

People who are oppressed and exploited must use every means God gives to them to free themselves. Remember, until all of us are free, none of us are free. You who have used your gifts to achieve some fame and fortune for yourselves, and think you are better than your brothers and sisters, cabined, cribbed, and confined in ghettos, projects “hoods” and jails, you’d better watch it.

The same forces which have allowed you to succeed and encouraged alienation from your people will one day say to you, “we don’t need you anymore “ or “you are getting too big, we have to cut you down to size.” Then where are you going? Back to the homies? Well, then you’d better make sure that when your homies call, you are there for them. Chapter thirteen next Sat. See my Al Vann series Join Mon-Fri 7-8a Lifeline prayer and inspirational and discussion —1-716-427 1168 passcode 604309# also at night 7-8p Mon-Wed


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