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The Power In Sound Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen

The Cosmological Rhythmic Essence (CRE) is not confined to music or art. It’s all over us. It shows up everywhere. It shows up on the basketball court. We could not just put the ball in the basket and run back up court. We had to acrobatically, rhythmically hurl ourselves in to the air, way above the rim, and slam dunk. We had to dribble up to our opponent then swing the ball behind our backs while moving it from one hand to the other. Then, almost simultaneously, leaping into the air with a twisting dunk. And then go dancing or swaying rhythmically back up count. And all this is done without effort. Go to any park and watch a basketball game, or watch rope jumping, especially Double Dutch, and you will see poetry in motion! Look for chapter fourteen Sat.


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