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The Power In Sound Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen

Well, Chapter Fourteen I wrote about sound in the MRI machine and the saturation of sound in the world influencing our behavior. Now I will return to rhythm in action. Last article was rhythm on the basketball court. Now I will address rhythm on the football field. We think it was enough to cross the goal line and score a touchdown, no, we had to perform rhythmic dances, sometimes in duets and trios. And the stone- faced officials of football say,” cut it out; that’s unsportsmanlike conduct.” So after the touchdown, we shimmied,swayed and swaggered a little bit and went back to the bench and did our dance, usually with the participation of other players. What football officials didn’t understand is that you can’t style it. You can sooner stop the Sun from rolling across the sky than you can stop us from expressing the rhythm within us! Let me make this important point. When we Rapped, even when we played the “dozen “ (again I where this self degrading exercise came from and who started it) we were competitive. We tried to out do each other in expressing our poetic,rhythmic skills. But It Didn’t Turn To Violence! Some where, Some how, In Recent Times , We Have Allowed Our Creative Genius And The Legacy Bequeathed To Us By Our Ancestors And From Our God To Become A Bone Of Contention, Confrontation And Death. Look for chapter fifteen next week, Join us to day on our organizing meeting. 1-2p (zoom) M/F 7-8a M/W 7-830p est. for Prayers, inspiration, Discussion of current events, health history and issues. 1716 427 II68 code 604309.


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