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  • Ceasefire Rally at the United Nations (U.N.) Part Four

    What is happening in Gaza does it fit the crime of genocide or crime against humanity? There is a heated debate in the world on whether the horrible situation on Gaza fit the crime of genocide and/or crimes against humanity. What I would like to do is define what those crimes are as put forth years ago by an impartial world body. In my book, Theology of Liberation and Reparations Fact Sheet No.1. The author(s) in a profoundly persuasive research paper cites genocide and crimes against humanity and the sources for their presentations, Genocide: the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group by: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; c) deliberately inflicting on the group the conditions of life calculated to bring about its destruction in whole or in part; d) imposing measures to prevent births within the group; or e) forcibly transferring children of the group to another group. From the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. It became enforceable in 1951. In light of what you know now constitute genocide, in your honest unbiased opinion dear reader, what is being inflicted upon the people in Gaza, you think it is genocide? The next consideration is crimes against humanity. Cited from the Nuremberg trials. May be retroactively applied: “Crimes against humanity: Murder, extermination,enslavement, deportation and other inhumane acts committed against any civilian population before or during the war, or persecutions on political, racial or religious grounds in execution of or in connection with any crime within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal, whether or not a violation of the domestic law of the country where perpetrated.” Again, now that we understand the definition of crimes against humanity, I ask, is what is being inflicted upon the people of Gaza is it a crime against humanity? Thus, we have two definitions one of genocide and the other crime against humanity. It is important to note that these definitions were put forward long before the Gaza war. Well, if you believe that genocide and/or crimes against humanity is being inflicted upon the people of Gaza you are obligated to do something about it. There are many marches and demonstrations that you can join, or if you’re not inclined to demonstrate you can speak out, especially you can reach out to your political representatives, religious and community leaders. And if you’re more of the quiet type, you can pray. But it seems to me that even if we don’t go as far as genocide or crimes against humanity, what is happening to the innocent people, even children, the elderly, the infirm, people who pose no threat to anyone but who are caught up in a horrible situation and what has happened to them is against all decency, against all of what it means to be human. Let us join together and do what we can to reiterate our demands: ·      Ceasefire ·       Release all hostages ·       Make available humanitarian aid indefinitely ·      Negotiations ·      A permanent solution I am with those who believe, including President Joe Biden, in a Two-State solution. And that it is the only permanent solution.

  • Ceasefire Rally at the United Nations (U.N.) Part Three

    The War In Gaza Resumes With Massive Death And Destruction It is hard to watch the massive suffering in all kinds of ways that the people, innocent people, in all kinds of help conditions, are enduring in Gaza even as I write. Surely what is happening in Gaza right now must be ranked among the worst war crimes and crimes against humanity in human history-and there have been some unspeakable acts of cruelty inflicted on humans by humans.And here is one of the most complex ironies of history, those who were once the victims of all kinds of crimes once in power become the Doers of what had been done to them and some time worse! There is a piece of mind-blowing news baffling every body especially the supporters of Israel. It has been reported that President Netanyahu and his administration knew the plan of Hamas to invade Israel. In fact they had the plans in their hands a year ago and they did nothing! Why?All kinds of reasons have suggested The most sinister reason is that President Netanyahu wanted Hamas to invade, so his superior military power could obliterate Hamas and occupy Gaza in his strategy to take over all of what had once been Palestinian land. Another reason is that Mr. Netanyahu didn’t think Hamas capable of such a monumental enterprise. In other words, they were simply dreaming the impossible dream. Another reason, the one that I’m leaning towards, it has also been reported that Netanyahu had formed an alliance with Hamas on Gaza against Armad on the West Bank the strategy that Hamas and Israeli would defeat Ahmad, Hamas would have control Gaza, under lsraeli rule, of course.Thus, the Two State Solution would no longer be under consideration. How true any of the above is, I know not, what is true is that the innocent people are suffering massive death, destruction, disease and deception. Let us not lose hope for a better world. Let us continue to demand: :Cease Fire : Release of the hostages. :Humanitarian Aide: :Negotiations: Two State Solution! Pray! Advocate! Work! SAVE ThE PLANET! SAVE THE PEOPLE!

  • Ceasefire Rally at the United Nations (U.N.) Part Two

    I did mention that when I chaired the National Black United Front (NBUF) I was invited to participate at the Annual Political Committee of the UN along with other liberation organizations. There was the African National Congress (ANC) that was Nelson Mandela’s organization. He was in jail at the time. Significantly, he was called a terrorist by heads of states of most Euro-American countries. Johnstone “Jonny” Mfanafuth Makhatini was the UN representative of South Africa, also representing South Africa was the Pan-African Congress (PAC) the representative was David Sibeko. There was Southern Rhodesia Liberation Organization, Zimbabwe African People’s Unity (ZAPU) headed by Joshua Nkomo and Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU) headed by Robert Mugabe. The two organizations coalesced under the tile of the Patriotic Front. In Namibia, the liberation organization was South West African People’s Organization (SWAPO) headed by Sam Nujoma and the UN Representative was Theo-Ben Gurirab and guess what, the Palestinian were represented by Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) headed by Yassar Arafat. And I chaired the NBUF representing African people in the Diaspora, but in particular in the USA. There were several things they all had in common: 1. They were all called terrorists by those who had conquered and colonized them. 2. They all believed that their country, their land had been taken from them. 3. They were all committed to do whatever was necessary regain their homeland. After years of fighting, all of them gained their independence and became heads of government in their respective countries. Mr. Mandela became the Beloved Elder of the world; every corner of the globe people admired him and wanted to see him. I was a member of the Welcoming Committee along with Harry Belafonte, Bill Lynch and others when he came to the USA, starting in New York. My wife, Dr. Karen along with Julie Belafonte chaired the women’s section of the welcoming committee. In fact, Winnie made her first public statement at our church in Brooklyn. After Mandela was released from prison he served as President of South Africa until his resignation. I and my family enjoyed a wonderful friendship with Nelson, Winnie and their children. I was honored to have participated at Nelson Mandela’s funeral and burial in South Africa, accompanied by my grandson, Minister Lorenzo Daughtry-Chambers. My wife and my daughter and I also attended Winnie’s funeral in South Africa. I could never forget a profoundly moving gathering at Winnie’s home with the family. As I stated, all of the liberation organizations achieved their independence except one; Yassar Arafat and the PLO. Arafat is gone now and the PLO is a non-entity, but their fight continues. I have often reflected what a difference it would have made if the PLO and Israeli leadership had agreed to a two-state solution. How many lives would be saved and what tremendous progress two people working together would have made! But here we are, another so-called terrorist organization, another war and continued death or destruction of the innocent including children and the elderly. I made reference to my trip to Grenada where we memorialized Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and the eighteen comrades who were assassinated with him October 19, 1983, 40 years ago. At one of the ceremonies there was a wreath laying at the site where they were assassinated. It was an old fort. We placed the wreaths on the wall where they were lined up and shot. I was asked to make remarks at the ceremony. I recounted the long friendship I had with Bishop. I made mention of his meeting with the youth of our church led by Councilman Charles Barron. He was the youth leader of our church at the time. I quoted another son of the Caribbean, Marcus Garvey who said, “Look for me in the whirlwind.” We will look for Maurice Bishop in the whirlwind of social change. Wherever men and women fight for their freedom, for a better life, we will look for Bishop. I ended by saying, you can kill the revolutionary, but you can’t kill the revolution. You can kill the dreamer, but not the dream. Maurice Bishop will live forever; his spirit will be with us but not only with us, but wherever people long for freedom. On my way home, I reflected on the many times I had been to UN, primarily addressing world issues. I already mentioned the UN Hearing and Vietnam war with Dr. King. I was there in 1982 when we organized an international gathering to demand nuclear disarmament. We left there and gathered over one million people in Central Park. I spoke at both the UN and at Central Park. I was at the UN, when I headed an Interfaith Interracial delegation in preparation for our trip to Iraq just before the war started. It was a desperate attempt to negotiate peace. I was there for Sudan, Omar Al-Bashir President of the minority government in Sudan. They had driven the Darfurian people (the original African) from their land, they were refugees. I visited them in the refugee camps in Chad, West Africa. We demanded that President Al-Bashir be charged with war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, which eventually he was. It has been a long history of trying to Save the Planet and Save the People “and I ain’t no ways tired. Come too far from where I started...Anyway nobody told me the road would be easy, and I don’t believe he’s brought me this far to leave me” Will you join us in our ongoing struggle to Save the Planet and Save the People. Join us for the HDGM Save the Planet and Save the People Organizing Meeting on December 23rd, 2023. 1. International Renowned musician Randy Weston, myself, Theo-ben Gurrirab UN Rep for SWAPO at the House of the Lord Church where both were frequent visitors. 2. David Sibeko is the UN Representatives for the Pan-African Congress of South Africa. We are coming out of the UN after a press conference we joined with millions of others in the movement to Free South Africa/Free Mandela. 3. Rev. Daughtry greeting Nelson & Winnie Mandela after his release. 4. Rev. Dr. Dawnique Daughtry, Sharon Daughtry, Rev Dr. Herbert & Karen Daughtry, Princess Zenani Mandela-Dlamini, Prince Thumbumuzi Dlamini and Rev. Leah Daughtry, we hosted them at our home for a weekend stay. 5. Rev. Dr. Karen Daughtry, myself, Harry Belafonte meeting with Nelson Mandela. My wife was co-chair of the welcoming committee and founding chair of SASAA. 6. In 1977, as a Pan-Africanist the Reverend prioritized in his ministry, unity among people of African Ancestry. He formed the Commision on African Solidarity. One of its major accomplishments was a fundraiser for example Zimbabwe African Peoples Unity (ZAPU). The check was presented to Mr. Joshua Nkomo at the House of the Lord church in 1977. Mr. Nkomo was not only the president of ZAPU but he was considered the Godfather of the Southern Africa Liberation.

  • Ceasefire Rally at the United Nations (U.N.) November 8, 2023 Part One

    I attended the ceasefire rally at the United Nations on November 8, 2023. It is worth noting how I ended up at that rally. I was in conversation with Sarah, going over the daily agenda and correspondences. I received a message from my daughter, The Reverend Leah Daughtry, National Presiding Prelate of the House of the Lord Churches. She asked me if I was going to the ceasefire rally. It was now about 3:15pm and the rally was scheduled to start at 4pm. I asked her to explain more about the rally. I heard vaguely that there would be a demonstration at the U.N. She explained some of our friends who were going to be there and what the rally was about. When I hung up, I immediately started getting ready and I decided that even if I got there late, it would be better than not to attend at all. I was in New Jersey when I got the call. I wanted to be more involved in the war in Gaza (See attached link I’ve made my position known: It is good to see that President Biden has come around to the two-state solution. I would simply add hostage negotiations which makes the ceasefire point proposal. It was 4:30 p.m. when I arrived at the U.N. A huge crowd had already assembled. The program was already in progress. Immediately I saw Dr. Cornel West, who is now running for the presidency; Dr. Iva Carruthers, Executive Director of the Samuel DeWitt Proctor, Rev. Michael McBride, noted clergy organizer; Tamika Mallory, longtime activist and Rev. Dr. Mark Thompson, TV personality and longtime organizer. He was the M.C. of the program. I was overwhelmed with the acceptance I received. I was asked by Rev. McBride if I wanted to stand with them on the stage. I responded affirmatively. When the time came, Rev. McBride, Dr. Carruthers and I took our positions on the speaker platform. Rev. McBride read a paragraph from the full-page ad that over 900 ministers had taken out a full-page ad in the New York Times demanding a ceasefire. After he spoke Dr. Iva Carruthers followed, she too laid heavy emphasis on ceasefire, humanitarian aid, release of hostages and a permanent solution. Then I followed, I too reinforced the same issues. I opened my statement with a call for ceasefire and a boisterous response from the crowd. I pointed out that I had been at the United Nations on April 15, 1967 when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., spoke to the 100,000 that had gathered to demand an end to the war in Vietnam. A few weeks earlier I had been at the Riverside Church when Dr. King announced to a packed church his opposition to the war in Vietnam. Significantly, I had gathered some of the young men to accompany me. I underscored mothers, children and innocent people who were killed in the war, almost over 10,000 I am told. A large part of that number were children. The once thriving cities now were bombed to rubbish with homeless people moving through the streets slowly. And since then, the question that had been asked, was that if Dr. King was here, where would he stand? I answered, “he would be standing with the innocent people, both Israelis and Palestinians and surely, he would be calling for the same and agreeing with us on our five points.” I also emphasized where I stood with the Israelis who were killed in the Hamas attack. I wanted to point out but my time was limited, the solution is not to continue death of innocent people, the destruction of their homes with the stated purpose of completely destroying Hamas. And even if they did destroy Hamas, they will not solve the problem. There will be others perhaps called by a different name. But the children, mothers, fathers, homeless, wounded will not forget. We are looking at the next generation of Hamas or whatever name they choose to call themselves.

  • Traveling & Thinking out Loud: Highlighting a Week in the Life of the People’s Pastor

    Oct. 15- Sunday- Early morning basketball I left early and Minister Gregory, my nephew took over. There was confusion on whether the repair to the floor had been done. Then at 8:45am we did the morning prayer. I am so pleased that this prayer is still going on. It started with covid when we could no longer meet in the gym for the basketball game and camaraderie. We organized the 8:45am prayer to sustain the prayer time and to stay in contact with the fellas. So when covid had been substantially reduced we were allowed to go back in the gym. But we continued the 8:45am prayer. You are free to join us at our prayer time phone numbers. 716-427-1168 passcode: 604309# the same number is used for our morning prayer Mon-Fri 7-8am and our Timbuktu Learning Center Health Night on Thursdays 7pm Jersey City Sunday Service was in-person. Oct. 16- Monday - Packing in Preparation for the trip to Grenada. I made a lot of important phone calls and had to take care of important business. Can you imagine the excitement that I was feeling going back to Grenada after 40 years and for the Inaugural National Holiday honoring Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and the 18 comrades that were assassinated with him. Oct. 17- Tuesday - Departed for Grenada from JFK at 11am and we landed around 3:45 pm. During the four and a half hours I had many thoughts swirl through my mind. As I have stated I have not been to Grenada in over 40 years. After the assassination of Maurice Bishop and the comrades, Grenada was not a desirable place to be. I didn’t know the leadership over the years and I didn’t pay attention to the developments they had. Hence, my thoughts turned to the relationship and the visits that I had before the assassination. The last visit was when I organized a Congressional delegations to meet with Maurice Bishop and his administration in Grenada. Earlier, Mr. Bishop had called me with concern for U.S. military invading Grenada and asked my assistance. I traveled up and down the USA, as I had done informing the people of the revolution in Grenada had brought Maurice Bishop and the New Jewel Movement into power in 1979. We did succeed in delaying the military invasion. But when Bishop and others were assassinated, the invasion occured. President Reagan said that the reason was the threat of danger to the American students, which was not true at all. The Reagan administration hated and feared the Grenadian revolution. Bishop and members of his administration had relationships with Prime Minister Fidel Castro, Prime Minister Michael Manley of Jamaica and Prime Minister Ortega of Nicaragua. They were all socialists or socialist-leaning with good relationships with other socialist countries ie. Russia and China. President Reagan was looking for a pretext upon which to remove Prime Minister Maurice Bishop. First, he tried to use the airport. Bishop had made plans to complete the International Airport that had been in the planning for years long before Bishop became Prime Minister. I remember the long talks that I had with Bernard Coard (Deputy Prime Minister) and who was one of the leaders in the assassination of Bishop. I still have problems believing that Coard was apart of the attempted coupe. He was so convincing in his expression of love and friendship for Bishop and how they had studied together the Civil Rights Movement in America. And that was months before the assassination occurred. I remember the first anniversary and the huge Black United Front banner that was put on the large stadium sign. It was huge! I remember my children and the youth of the church led at that time by Council member Charles Barron coming back home excited that they had met Prime Minister Maurice Bishop. He had taken the time from the important events at stake to spend an hour with the young people. I wondered how I would feel being back in Grenada… Oct. 18- Wednesday - It was a beautiful morning as were all the mornings of our stay in Grenada. We were in a spacious hotel right on the beach. Minister Lorenzo Daughtry-Chambers, my grandson and the 6th generation of Ministers in our family, who had accompanied me the rest of the way. I was proud and thankful that he had decided to make the trip. To have one who is competent, completely trustworthy, sensitive and share your world view and knowledge with regard to the issues in the country accompanying you is PRICELESS! A quick light breakfast with fruit, and my own super salad consisting of herbs, flaxseeds, chia seeds, turmeric powder mixed in olive oil on multigrain toast. It was a buffet spread out with all kinds of food. But I stayed with my program. So the first order of business was a press conference with our delegation. We had a briefing for what we would be doing led by Dr. Ron Daniels and nuances of interaction with individuals and ceremonies. I think that most of the delegation had had international travel experiences and top level meetings with international countries and organizations. Delegation Group Dr. Ron Daniels, IBW Don Rojas, Director of Communications, IBW David Abdullah, Third Party leader from Trinidad Dr. James Early Dr. Claire Nelson Herb Boyd, journalist and author Rev. Herbert Daughtry Lorenzo Daughtry-Chambers Dr. Daniels and Rojas made a statement and each of us offered our presentations. I recounted my friendship with Bishop and reiterated my reflection that I had on the plane. I added however my friendship with Jackie Cleft. I had a photo of my embracing Jackie as she extolled the progress of the educational system. I exclaimed, “Wonderful! Y’all are really doing it up.” She too was among those who were assassinated she was one of Bishops’ lady friend. Also I had the photo of our award given to Bishop’s mother when I chaired the National Black United Front. After the press conference, several hours later, we met with the Cuban Ambassador. From the hotel to the Ambassador’s office was about twenty minutes. We traveled upward along narrow roads. But all along the way I was lost in the scenic beauty of the Grenada. If you love high mountains, clear blue sea, flowers and greenery; if you love narrow streets, and traditional houses then Grenada is the country for you. The Ambassadors office and what appeared to be residence was set up on the structured side of the mountains looking across the countryside, and enthralling beauty for the eyes. The Ambassador was very friendly. Dr. Carol McIntosh a Grenadian who is a member of our church who has been head of the hospitals but now back in the states had setup a meeting with the group with the Ambassador. At some point the delegation made an appointment. We did the usual, we went around the room and introduced. I expressed my gratitude on behalf of the NBUF and the people of African Ancestry for the agreement with Cuban leadership. There were two requests that we made in 1982/3 and I as the Chair of NBUF would organize conferences in Cuba. We requested that there be a National holiday for an American leaders and medical scholarships. They agreed to both of these proposals and I am told that the scholarship program is still going on. One other matter that I discussed with the Ambassador more for humor than serious business. It was when we were last in Cuba, we went to a festival. There was singing and dancing, it was a fun time. Then one of the dancers came out with a huge snake and I knew she was going to where I was seated and dance around with this huge reptile. I braced myself to act bravely, not to be afraid but look it in the eyes. I had brought along photos of the occasion and anyone could take a look, but we did not get the humor as I anticipated. Maybe the size of the snake must have made the delegation uncomfortable. Children of Grenada Oct. 17-20, 23 we remembered Prime Minister Maurice Bishop of Grenada who was assassinated 40 years ago on 10/19/23. On Wed. 10/18 , after meeting with Cuban Ambassador earlier in the day, we met with the children. Oct. 19- Thursday- The actual day of the assassination! I awakened with the death of Maurice Bishop on my mind. I had mixed feelings as I looked forward to the day and yet reluctance to face the horrible of the day. The program for the day was first the Ecumenical Service at The National Stadium, after which was a Wreath Laying, which to me was the most painful, traumatic experience and then in the evening a Candlelight Tribute. It was a long day, but after all, this was the first National Holiday since Bishop and the comrades had been assassinated. Other administrations could have done the same thing, but they chose not to. There had been at least two administrations since the assassinations but, to repeat, none thought it worthy to institute a National holiday. The eternal credit goes to Prime Minister Dickon A.T. Mitchell for making it happen. Now there will be an Annual National Holiday! Returning to the hotel after breakfast, and it always seemed like we were on the run before the call to attend the business at hand. Again, the long twisting, turning ascending travel through the narrow streets of Grenada. We reached the huge stadium and were gathered in a room for VIPs. There was a light refreshments prepared. Most of the participants in the ceremony were in the room getting a chance to meet and greet. We were guided to our special seats, Dr. Ron Daniels and Don Rojas, who before Prime Minister Maurice Bishop was our Director of Communications when I chaired the BUF/NBUF. They were apart of the ceremony. There were speeches by the Prime Minister Bishop’s wife and other dignitaries. There were cultural presentations and even short segment of a play that had been written capturing the day of the assassination. When I sat in the VIP section of the stadium, I remembered the first anniversary of the revolution back in March 1979. I do not think it was the same stadium. How proud and happy and pleased I was enjoying the Celebration. This ceremony had none of the joy, happiness, and feeling of accomplishment that we had 40 years before. But I was proud to have known Bishop and having been apart of the Grenadian Revolution we adopted the slogan, “Forward Ever, Backward Never!” We had learned from the Grenadian Revolution. After the ceremony it was the Wreath Laying at the site of the assassination. This was the saddest moment of all. We went forth to where it took place. It was an eerie feeling as we surveyed the surroundings. The part of the old fort that we were in were made of stone that had since crumbled to the ground. Part of the wall was torn down, windows were broken, the entire place had dilapidated, debris scattered everywhere. But the wall where Bishop and the comrades stood and was mulled down with philasaud of bullets was still there. The marks of the bullets entrance in the walls were marked off with little flags. It was a steep climb up narrow steps to where would place the wreath, the actual site where they had been staying. A heavy silence as each one move forward with a wreath and stood transfixed against the wall. In the silence, You could hear the wind seemingly playing a sad melancholy melody. I was asked to make remarks. Again, I rehearsed my friendship with Maurice Bishop and members of the movement: You can kill the dreamer, but you can’t kill the dream! You can kill the revolutionary but you can’t kill the revolution! The spirit of Maurice Bishop will live on forever. I quoted Marcus Garvey, another son of Caribbean heritage said, “look for me in the whirlwind.” We will look for Bishop in the whirlwind of revolutions across the world. We will look for Bishop where children play or study. We will look for Bishop wherever people are impoverished and look for their rights. We will look for Bishop and you’ll hear him say, “Forward Ever Backward Never.” After the remarks we moved to the actual wall. People stood lost in their own thoughts. And some reached out to touch it as if to embrace the very site. Along the wall my grandson Minister Lorenzo pointed out there were little flags in the wall where the bullet holes had gone. Some of the bullets obviously went through the bodies of the 19 persons assassinated there. Riding back to the hotel seems longer than before and surely the quietness pervaded our suv. After again a quick bite we were back on the road again to a Candlelight Vigil. Herb Boyd, columnist for the Amsterdam News and Member of the Delegation captures the Candlelight Vigil. He says, "But they may have been surpassed by the beams of the nineteen spotlights that lit up the night sky on St. George’s waterfront. A beam illuminated the sky above the hundreds gathered there, many of them hoisting their flaming candles or contributing their bright cell phones to the memory of Bishop and the fallen martyrs. The beams blended and embellished the moonlight and a blinking, circling drone that documented the scene." Again I made remarks really repeating what I already said. But this time my shouts of “Forward Ever, Backward Never” was met with a louder response. The candlelight vigil was among the masses of people therefore more emotional expressions. I felt very much at home. In fact I went among the people shaking hands and embracing. The silence was deeper than before when we returned to the hotel. October 20 - Friday We had a 9am meeting with Prime Minister. Once more up the winding roads until we reached the office of the Prime Minister. He was prompt, and his decorum bespoke strength and courage. He was surprisingly youthful looking. Dr. Ron as usual laid out IBW’s agenda. We all introduced ourselves. I brought along some of my soon to be released publication, The Passing of Giants of the Human Spirit. The Prime Minister, when he came into the room took the head seat at the table. I offered him the book that I had dedicated to Prime Minister Bishop, Carol McIntosh and the Grenadian people. He graciously came from the head of the table to where I was seated and received the volume and I was very grateful. When the meeting was over, we did a group photo. It was my wife Dr. Karen Daughtry’s birthday and it was our travel day from Grenada. It was time to leave Grenada and the memories will be with me forever. Our departure flight was scheduled for 5pm. Riding to the flight with us were Herb Boyd, and Milton Alimonta. As the big bird flew through the night I kept thinking of the influence of Grenada and all that I recorded and so much more which I have not recorded. October 21st Saturday Sister Gwen Wilson On Sat. 10/22/23 we gathered at the Alonzo Daughtry (my father) Memorial Day Care Center to remember and honor Sister Gwen Wilson who served as Chairperson of the Board of Directors for forty three years and member of the House of the Lord Church for fifty years. Rev. Dr. Karen S. Daughtry, Executive Director, conceive the idea, that given Sister Gwen many years of dedicated service she should be honored with the Multi Purpose Room be given her name. October 22nd Sunday Jersey City Sunday service On Sun. 10/22/23 we, Sheryl Mayes, Genell Leak, and members of our Church The House of the Lord in Jersey City, participated in a March and Rally for Andrew Washington. Andrew was killed by the police. He had mental challenges. The family called the medical people for help. The police came. While the family stood outside, pleading to came in and talk to Andrew, the police shot to death. Similar to the case in Englewood N.J. with Bernard Placide. The event was organized by the family on Andrew, Toni Irwin and Denise and Black Panther Party. After a long March, starting and stopping at police precincts, it ended in Lincoln Park. The family plan to continue the fight for Justice for Andrew.

  • The End of Hamas?

    President Netanyahu has declared he plans to annihilate Hamas for its attack on Israel. Firstly, let us agree that the first casualty of war is truth. The enemy is demonized. They bomb hospitals, schools, children’s playground, residential areas; they rape women and little girls and cut off the heads of babies: the enemy is a terrorist. On the other hand, my side obey all the UN rules of war. When Mr. Netanyahu says he will destroy Hamas, surely he knows that he can destroy some people, call them what you will, but he and all the people who believe as he does, will never be able to destroy the idea that drives Hamas-their own Independent State, and all that that means. I don’t want to speak for Hamas, but think everybody knows where of I speak. There will never be peace until there are two Independent States, each free to go it’s own way, mutual respect for each other, cooperating where possible. Without the two States Solution, there will continue to be war, death and destruction. And the people, Israelis and Palestinians, and each side’s loved ones and supporters; the children, babies; the structures, the creations of human genius all destroyed- death, destruction, homelessness while the leaders stay safely secure, in comfortable, even luxurious amenities while talking war death and destruction with other people’s lives. I watched with a heavy heart little children holding adults hands leaving Gaza as fast as they can, so it is with countless others. Does anybody in his/her right mind think that these children- these young people,in particular, but all people in general, will ever forget- forget that once upon time, for centuries they had land, homes now they are running for their lives never to return home again. I pray when this period of human madness is over, world leaders will insist, employing whatever means necessary, on peace, and the establishment of a two State solution! Part II Sun. 10/15/23. It is now 6:24a, I have been up most of the night, waiting for the Israeli invasion. It didn’t happen. But that doesn’t mean that the bombardment has ceased and strategic excursions into Gaza is not happening: No indeed. According to one report, 700 are children. Remember, half the two million population are children. So, unless there is peace along the way, there will be generations of wars. As these children are killed, wounded, standing alone crying, running, they know not where, we are witnessing the Hamas of the future. Remember Arafat and the PLO the Palestine Liberation Organization. We were told they were the problem. They were the terrorists. They are gone now, at least some of the people are gone and the name is gone, but the war continue! Let us continue to pray, and work and advocate for peace! Part III Sitting here, in Grenada WI, reflecting on the day’s series of events in Commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of the assassination of Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and others, I couldn’t get Gaza off my mind… Is it war plus genocide? Or just plain genocide? Or just plain old war? The graphic pictures that we see via technology, electronic and print are too horrific, indiscriminate; old men and women, boys and girls, even babies, residential areas, recently, a hospital was bombed, with each side blaming the other. Additionally, there is no way out and Israel controls the electricity and the water. The people, are without lights,heat, food, water and even shelter. The people are on the move, trying to navigate the broken, debris strewn roads while carrying babies in arms and or holding their hands. Decent, fair minded people with even a little compassion are asking, when will Israel have satisfied it’s desire for revenge? Some say Israel wants to occupy the land. Pray! Work! Advocate! For peace and solution that will be mutually beneficial to all side. SAVE THE PLANET! SAVE THE PEOPLE!

  • The House of the Lord Church where Black Political Power were born and nurtured Part One Hundred One

    There are two major events that continuity compels me to relate: 1. Minister Clemson Brown Memorial Ceremony 2. Traveling & Thinking out loud with the People’s Pastor First, I will relate or record the memorial ceremony that happened just last Saturday, September 23, 2023. The memorial was a moving experience of joy and sadness. There were glowing praises for Minister Clemson Brown by all of the fourteen speakers. I was asked to be the moderator, of course I thought I did a good job, after all I had to negotiate all these superstars and performers. The welcome was delivered by Rev. Dr. Karen Daughtry, Pastor of the House of the Lord Church who recounted the history of the church and it being the center, the gathering place for the Black power, Pan Africanist, Nationalist movement in the 70s and 80s. The Scriptures of the Old and New Testament with comments was read by Elder Alphonso Martin Sr., Unity Church, Woodbridge, VA. Libations for Minister Clemson Brown and our ancestors, Queen Mother Yaa Asantewaa. In addition to being moderator I was asked to do a tribute which I did most of which I have already posts and newspaper articles. Among the speakers were Councilman Charles Barron and his wife, former Council member Inez Barron, Rev. Dr. Garett Johnson, Pastor of Black Liberation Church. There were African drummers and dancers followed by more speakers, Michael Graves, Co-Founder of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement; Special solo by Sis. Peggy Washington, longtime member of our church who was both activist and artist in the movement years ago; Graham Witherspoon, the Amadou Diallo foundation and Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Elder Cortez L. Stallings, Jr., Mount Lebanon Baptist Church in Brooklyn. All the way from Cobb County, Glenn Duncan Brody, Jr., Clemson Jr. Was the last speaker. Instrumentalist music was supplied by T.C. Saxman, a saxophonist. I was asked to do closing remarks. Now it was about 5:30pm and we had started at 2pm. I only thanked everyone for participating and paid special tribute to the family and I took the occasion to talk about climate change and the conference I attended last week. I knew people were weary but thought that the issue of climate change was of such importance that I should at least mention it. I invited people to register their interest in a series of workshops on climate change that I am proposing to arrange in the near future. Traveling and Thinking out Loud with the People’s Pastor Friday, 9/15/2023 Funeral of Ellen Richardson On Friday, September 15th we funeralized one of our oldest and dearest member Ellen Richardson. The funeral was in Hempstead, New York. Ellen Richardson had joined our church about fifty years ago in a very peculiar way, which spoke to the diversity of our ministry. She called our church for help with her son. We had a 24-hour prayer line at the time. She decided to attend our church service. When the service was over, the person she met was my wife, Dr. Karen S. Daughtry, now the pastor. They remained great friends from that day till the day she died although she had moved several times to different cities, but we never lost contact. There were people coming from far away like Augusta, GA and the Carolinas to attend her funeral. The rest of the day my wife and I spent reminiscing on Sis. Richardson, in fact, Deacon Richardson, I ordained her a deacon. In the evening, we decided to spend a delightful time, as much as we could, at our favorite restaurant. But the day of emotional disturbance had not ended. When I returned home, I discovered my storm door had been kicked in. Glass was shattered all over the stoop. Obviously, I was reluctant to go into the house, but when I discovered that the front door was still locked, I reasoned if someone was inside, they didn't go through the front door. So, I went into the house and no one had been inside. I called the police to investigate and make note of what had happened. They could find no force of entry. We suggested that the wasps who had setup along the storm door had angered someone to the extent that they were enraged kicked the storm door and broke the glass. The next day we had the pest control people to take care of the nest and spray all around the house. My concern was that there was other vandalism. The back window of my car had been broken by a brick thrown through it. Thus, I immediately put the two together. I had marchers in front of my home. But I’m glad to report that all seems to end well. Saturday 9/16/2023 After breakfast we spent the day on the telephone reading and writing, preparing for the big event in the evening. It was the second anniversary for Eric Garner. It was held in Staten Island, NY at the Pavilion on the Terrace. It was a beautiful place; everything was artistically arranged. I understand its owned by a Black woman. The event was sponsored by Mrs. Carr and family. MC was none other than Rev. Ben Chavers. He was the youngest of the Wilmington Ten, as they were called, and received a long sentence and finally when he was released, he continued the struggle. We have known each other since the time he was released and we have fought many battles together. Speakers included: New York Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, Manhattan District Attorney of African Ancestry, Alvin Braggs, and I made remarks. I said, Rev. Chavers counted 28 mothers and a father present. As much as I would like to, I will not start calling names and I said all of you are Superstars. I related how I came by the term as an unofficial chaplain for the New York Jets, professional football team. I asked myself the question, what makes Superstars. All the players are professionals at that level. But what makes one player super special and I came to the conclusion that not only on the football field, but in life, Superstars can perform their duties at a high level of efficiency while in pain. I related how one of my favorite players was Winston Hill who was having challenges, but played his usual effective game. So, I said to the mothers, all of you are Superstars, while you’re hurting, you’re helping. Why do superstars play hurt? I asked myself, because they know people are depending on them. In football Winston Hill knew that his teammates were depending on him and he knew that the fans/supporters were depending on him and he had to do his best regardless of the pain. And so, you mothers, while hurting is still trying to make sure that others will have to endure the pain that you’re feeling. Jesus Christ was/is the Ultimate Superstar; He was a wounded healer as you mothers are wounded healers. Mrs. Sybrina Fulton was the spokesperson for the mothers, she said, “I hope you came to celebrate. Don’t come to us with tears or feeling sorry for us, we’re here to celebrate.” And then she said something I think we should all strive for especially those who are in the helping business. She said, “we’re not supposed to act the way we feel.” Obviously, what she meant is although we are in pain, we’re not supposed to let our pain cause others to be sad and to cry.

  • Climate Change and People speeding towards destruction

    Idalia, has brought to our attention the seriousness of climate change. Before Idalia, there were earthquakes and floods in California and before that, there was the heat wave in the Southwest, USA. Fires in Canada and even more devastating in Hawaii. In a word, climate change is here and if something isn’t done, it, along with wars, will spell the end of the human race. I’m including war because the damage done to the earth and the atmosphere attributes to the weathering change. I’ve been reading Al Gore, former Vice President’s sobering book, An Inconvenient Truth. Al Gore has been a lifetime student of the ecology. According to Mr. Gore, the devastation is moving faster than realized, with pictures, graphs, and statistics that even a child could understand. Al Gore has made a major contribution to enlighten us relative to the climate changes devastation and challenged us to do something about it. I know that there are those who are asking what brought about the change in the climate and so: “In a preindustrial world just the right amount for the sun’s energy was soaked up by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. It was a wonderfully balanced system and accounts for why earth is sometimes called the Goldilocks planet. Neither too hot like Venus with its thick poisonous atmosphere nor too cold like Mars, which practically has no atmosphere at all. But when too much of the atmosphere is made up of greenhouse gases it leads to global warming. The suns energy centers in the atmosphere, some of that energy warms up the earth and its atmosphere then are radiated back into space in the form of infrared radiation. But greenhouse gas soaks up some of the infrared preventing it from escaping into space. The problem we now face is that the atmosphere is being filled by huge quantities of human caused carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. This traps a lot of the infrared radiation that would otherwise escape. As a result, the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere and oceans is getting dangerously warmer. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can be measured. Because of the changed atmosphere around the earth generated by greenhouse gases. They are the gases in our atmosphere that holds heat, such as carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. They maintain an average temperature on earth of 59°F. Without greenhouse gases the earth’s surface temperature will drop below 0°F. But trouble has risen because industry, technology and our modern lifestyle releases too much of these greenhouse gases and that not good. Of all of the greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide usually gets top billing because it accounts for 80% of total greenhouse gas emissions. They release CO2 when we burn natural gas, coal used in homes, cars, factories and power plants cutting down forests and producing cement also releases CO2.” It has been proven scientifically, carbon dioxide, which is a major contributor that has increased dramatically over the years. Mr. Gore says that there is still time for us to Save the Planet, but we have to change our lifestyle. I have been saying it for years, we have to Save the Planet and Save the People. We must cease wars and make changes on earth before it is too late. In the next several weeks I plan to commence a series of workshops on the subject on climate change. And the part that war plays on influencing climate change. Briefly and simply what happens is before the industrial revolution the significant changes in our lifestyle and the climate change. Heretofore the earth’s atmosphere has struck an amazing balance. The atmosphere around the earth is very thin and can influence what the gasses that emanates out of the earth. Then the sun rays which plays its part and can no longer penetrate completely through the earth so that the sun rays return back to outer space the sun in infrared light and all was well. “The fierce urgency,” to quote one of Dr. King’s favorite sayings is applicable now in regards to war and weather. Sign up at the link provided, if you’re interested in attending the workshops. Depending on the level of interest we will proceed with our preparation and hopefully start on the Wed, Sept. 27th or Wed, Oct. 4th.Let us know what day you decide to join us. It may be that God is calling you to be on a mission with us to Save the Planet and Save the People!

  • The House of the Lord Church where Black Political Power were born and nurtured Part One Hundred

    Passing of the Giants Minister Clemson Brown (cont.) In addition to his filming, he also worked very hard around the church. Nothing was beneath his concern and his labor. Some of the construction work he did in his construction company RECAP. We all laugh now when we think about his removal of the dirt in the church basement. As many of you’ve been down to the restrooms in our church basement and must have saw how clean and beautifully it was kept and well designed. There is even space for the ladies' rest lounge, it is hard to believe, and to convince people, that once upon a time that was all dirt, backed up to the walls. Minister Brown organized the youth, some of them as young as twelve and thirteen years old had started digging out the dirt. He created a conveyors belt that moved the dirt from down in the basement up to the ground floor where it could be removed from the church to the street. He was super special, he never tried to get in front of the camera. He was always content being behind filming the activities. The exception is when any of our people were in danger. Then, he became a raging tiger and would forget that his role was to record history. He was not just a professional videographer and traveling companion, but he was my friend. Traveling together, as I have stated, to the farthest corners of the world, up and down America. He invested his own resources; I can’t ever remember buying any of his equipment. I’m certain that we did raise money for his travel and his equipment, but he never made it publicly or privately known that he was in desperate need. To his family, wife Lady Brown, son Junior and daughter Herlina, we all owe you a debt of gratitude which no words could ever express, for allowing him to invest so much time, energy, resources in the freedom struggle for our people. There wasn’t anything I can think of that he would not do or give or say if it meant progress for our people. He truly believed that if our people knew who they really were, they would be further along on the freedom trail than they are now. And his primary role was to show, teach, by any means necessary, but especially by technological means, i.e., video, compact disc., voice record or anyway that would provide information for the people. *I don’t know how many people have seen Loud Mouth starring Rev. Al Sharpton. Some of the footage comes from Minister Brown’s work.* Well, I’ll conclude with the words of Apostle Paul, I believe they are most applicable to Minister Clemson Brown, “For I am now ready to be offered, and the time of my departure is at hand. I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.” 2 Timothy 4:6-8 KJV So long old friend, brother and comrade, may bands of angels sing you to your rest. Paraphrasing the words of Marcus Garvey, “we will look for you in the whirlwind”. Wherever there is a fight on behalf of our people, we will look for you there. And I will see you again, one day soon. In 1983, as I became health conscious I organized a church committee, we called it Focus on Health and Progress. It was a sheet or up to several sheets sized 8 ½ x 11. One of the features was a particular person in our church. As I was going through my old files, I believe I was led of the Lord to some of the Focus on Health and Progress and I came across the edition in which Minister Brown was the focus. Some of this is repitious, but I thought it had a special quality to having this written back around 1983. See attachment below:

  • The House of the Lord Church where Black Political Power was born and nurtured Part Ninety-Nine

    Passing of the Giants of the Human Spirit Minister Clemson Brown Pt. 1 Written: August 11, 2023 It was on Monday 8/7/23 at 5:41pm when my wife asked me, “Did you hear the news? She continued, “did you talk to Councilman Charles Barron?” She had that sad look in her eyes and her face tilted downward. I have seen that look many times before; suddenly a pall seemed to engulf the room. Then she said, “Minister Brown has made his transition.” I had no immediate response as I pulled myself together, softly I mumbled something, “Wow, is anybody left? Am I the only one still around. He gave it his best shot.” So often of late a stanza in Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard written by Thomas Gray : “What are the worst of woes that wait on age? What stamps the wrinkle deepest in the brow, To view loved ones blotted from life’s page And to be alone as I am now.” Minister Clemson Brown was a multi-talented, eager to use any of his talents to advance our people. I met him in 1976. It was the year Americans were preparing to celebrate its 200-year anniversary. A brother by the name of Dr. Chester Williams approached me with an idea of a quadricentennial, 400 years for people of African Ancestry, starting with the transatlantic slave trade. I thought it was a great idea. We began to organize the people that we knew. As a professor he organized primarily students and professionals. From somewhere came Minister Clemson Brown. At the time, his primary occupation was making different ceramics. We proceeded for the rest of 1976 organizing and educating regarding our history. Near the end of the year in November, a 15-year-old youth of African Ancestry, Randy Evans was shot in the head for no reason by police officer Robert Torsney. The following year almost to the date of the shooting, the killer cop was given a light sentence, two years of psychiatric treatment with weekends home. The community was furious. I’ve told this story before. There were four of us, Assemblyman Al Vann, Professor Sam Pinn, Educator, Cultural Crusader and Cultural builder Jitu Weusi and I had been meeting for months earlier. When the exoneration of the cop happened, we stepped forward with a plan to organize our community. Our first action was to call for Black Christmas 77’, a citywide boycott. By the end of 1976, Clemson Brown had become a member of our church. When we announced the protest, I told him that he should go and get a camera for we were going to make history. We were going to turn things upside down. He bought (some of y’all might remember) the Zoom camera and from that day until the day he died he videoed major events and personalities for nearly 50 years. I ordained him in 1978, after which he was given the title of Minister. We travelled together across America and many countries abroad. On two occasions we attended the Organization of African Unity (OAU as it was called then, now it’s the African Union –AU.) Nairobi, Kenya was the first OAU conference we attended and then in Tripoli, Libya when al-Gaddafi was the President. We attended many meetings in the Caribbean. Trinidad at the height of the demonstration led by Makandal Akhenation Daaga. I recall Daaga analyzing events in various countries. He said that the apartheid regime in south Africa was going to fall and the South African leaders would come to the Caribbean to find a safe haven. He was courageous, brilliant and strategically sound. He was well read and did a review for us of Eric Williams monumental book Capitalism and Slavery, which book I have used in my argument for reparations. Also, annually we would attend the yearly conference in Cuba sponsored by the Cuban government. (Significantly at one of the conferences I was asking to prepare a paper on the Nationalist Community in the USA. I sought the assistance of Dr. Cornel West. We together prepared the paper, I gave the speech which was well received. See Daughtry files.) On one of our visits to Cuba we decided that we would ask the Cuban government to reciprocate. We had been supporting, now they should show some support to our struggle in the USA. (Diplomatically correct of course. We would not want to heighten tension between Cuban government and the US government.) We suggested two things: one, that there be a national holiday in Cuba recognizing a leader or a person of distinction of African Ancestry in the USA. Second, that they give scholarships to student, especially in the area of medicine. They agreed to the first one, the question rose whom shall we recognize in the USA, our delegation was shocked when they said, they’d like to honor Dr. Martin Luther King! The reason we were shocked, after all NBUF which I headed was the preeminent Radical revolutionary, Nationalist, Pan-Africanist organization in America at the time. Cuba, being a revolutionary government, I think I would be far within the mark to say that the members of our delegation thought it would be Malcolm X. One of the key members of our delegation, Oba T’Shaka inquired why Dr. King? The response was, (and I shall never forget the words) “Dr. King has more tendencies around him.” It was clear to us what they meant. Dr. King was an organizer of all of the movements around the world. He wanted to bring all of the global community together to change the world. While Malcolm X, no disrespect to him or marginalizing him as if anyone could, but Malcolm clearly stated in words and deeds. He was concentrating on people of African Ancestry. The Cuban government and any government I think has to deal with all kinds of people and nations of the world. Well, when our delegation recuperated, we got to the question of scholarships. They agreed as I forestated, that they would offer the scholarships. This program has been going on ever since. After our involvement I understand it continued with Rev. Lucius Walker and other medical professionals. To be continued...

  • The House of the Lord Church where Black Political Power was Born and Nurtured Part Ninety-Eight

    50th Alonzo A. Daughtry Memorial Daycare Center Graduation on August 17, 2023 at the House of the Lord Church – 415 Atlantic Ave Brooklyn, NY Earlier in the day, on Thursday 8/17/2023 before the Marcus Garvey birthday celebration we had our 50th Alonzo Daughtry Memorial Daycare Center graduation. The daycare is named after my father Alonzo Daughtry. We were at the beginning of the daycare organizing for New York City, as they are now constituted. Georgia McMurray, who was the City’s Commissioner of the Agency for Child Development. We saw a need of daycare service for working mothers. We started in our church at 415 Atlantic Avenue. Founding members were my wife, Rev. Dr. Karen Daughtry, Sis. Eloise McConnell-Raab, etc. We used our resources to operate the daycare services, we learned that another daycare service was being proposed in a new building across the street from our church. We wrote letters to Ms. McMurray. In our letters we were informing her that we had started a daycare center and sought help from the city and never received a response. Yet, across the street a group who had not been involved in daycare were able to get a whole building for daycare service and other programs. I gathered the membership and went to McMurray’s office. Our intentions were to stay until we got a positive response. We were prepared to spend the night in jail. As we entered in her office she said, "what do you want Reverend?” So I said to her, “I don’t have a dog to walk or a cat to feed and all members of my family are here with me. So we plan to pray. We are Pentecostal people, we believe in praying all night long. When people don’t respond, their either sick, dead or near death.” Everybody in the group began to sit on the chairs and the floor and acted as though they were very comfortable. Ms. McMurray said, "What’s wrong?" I proceeded to tell her our story and that we communicated with her office and never got a response. She acted surprised. She called her staff in and asked them, "Is it true that the Reverend wrote a letter and we never responded?" They had to admit, yes, it was true. She said, “Oh Reverend, sit down and let’s talk about this”, we did and before we left her office she funded our program retroactively and supplied us all the furniture we needed and personnel, the availability of medical doctors, educational consultants, etc. And we became the best of friends until the day she died. She would often call for our assistance. Significantly as an aside, another person that was key to the formation of the daycare service was Mr. Lloyd Williams, Chairman to the Harlem Chamber of Commerce. Sunday 8/20 I was given a special honor in Harlem sponsored by Lloyd Williams and Rev. Al Sharpton. As mentioned in my previous posts via Facebook. So today, we, the adults watched beaming with pride. Hearts beating with joy as we observed our children participate in the graduation. The graduates had on little caps and gowns. A program of achievements, song and dance was apart of the program. Only my wife and I were the speakers. My wife became the Executive Director almost from the beginning. She extolled the children's behavior and accomplishments and also had high praise from the staff. She recounted the history that I’ve already recorded above. In my brief remarks, I emphasized that of the influences that shaped our children’s lives, DNA, environment, events, and parents are the most dominant. So, take time, take interest and by all means show love to your child. I told the story of our son, Herb Jr. when he was around the age of 3/4 years old. He was playing on the floor and I was kneeling watching him, asking questions about what he was doing. Then he looked up at me and he said, “Hey dad, I like you.” I said, "Why do you like me Dan?” He said, “because you watch me do stuff.” I’ve used that story in many places with many people but never more so than with parents. What this little fellow was saying to me, " You love me, and you are so interested in me that I’m the focus of your attention and I appreciate that very much." Let us give our children undivided attention. Indeed, all people and I have found when we give people our undivided attention they will respond in a positive way. Obviously cameras were everywhere, as we took the photos of our children in various activities. It was indeed a glorious occasion. My wife mentioned our children’s educational achievements. One in particular, germaine to the occasion was our baby daughter Dawnique Daughtry. She is/was a principal. Recently we attended her last graduation of MS113 Ronald Edmonds Learning Center. My wife recalled that Dawnique wasn’t always the most obedient child, but we gave her attention and eventually she went to the Syracuse University, received her doctorate from Fordham University and she was the principal for 12 years. Let us love our children and give them the attention they deserve. Photos: Below is the father Eric Blake, his son was a child in our daycare center. Now he has three children and the three of us together.

  • The House of the Lord Church where Black Political Power was Born and Nurtured Part Ninety-Seven

    The continuation on the history of NBUF The National Black United Front Speech (Part Four) 44th Annual Conference, Healthy Village Learning Institute McKeesport Pennsylvania July 7th - 9th 2023 Because it is so relevant with the author Herb Boyd’s permission, I would like to include his editorial from The Amsterdam News on July 20, 2023. Another third party problem? by Herb Boyd July 20, 2023 Cornel West Photo Credit: Solwazi Afi Olusola photo Both President Joe Biden and former President Trump are flawed, according to Dr. Cornel West. In a move to distance himself further from the other presidential candidates, West is running on the Green Party and/or the People’s Party ticket. In his denouncements, he cited Biden’s past “connections” to segregationists, and Trump’s views on racial matters. During an appearance on Fox News Hannity on Monday, West stated that his bid for the Oval Office was as “serious as a heart attack.” To clarify his charge of Biden’s connection to segregationists, West cited that in 2008, Biden reportedly called the former Mississippi Sen. John Stennis, “a hell of a guy.” West is also accusing Biden of “crimes against humanity,” against African Americans, confirming a report that appeared in the New York Post. When Hannity noted that minority voters were mainly tied to the Democratic Party, West said it was as broken as the GOP, both he charged in the pocket of “big money” and corruption. Whether the Green Party or the People’s Party, West’s bid is getting the attention of Democrats, many of whom are recalling 2016 and the third-party campaign. “This is not the time in order to experiment. This is not the time to play around on the margins,” warned DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison, a close Biden confidant, over the weekend. Harrison is perhaps referencing Hillary Clinton’s race against Trump when considerable votes went to Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate. Such a spoiler was also noted by David Axelrod, Barack Obama’s chief strategist. “Now, with Cornel West as their [Green Party] likely nominee, they could easily do it again. Risky business.” “What we see is a lot of folks who want to be relevant and try to be relevant in these elections and not looking at the big picture,” Harrison said. “We got to reelect Joe Biden.” There are marked differences between Clinton’s run seven years ago and West’s current bid, mostly between the candidates themselves. West may be popular on the left and in academic circles, he in no way brings the same kind of political background Stein possessed. Even so, there is a large swath of Democrats concerned about Biden’s age and his policies. End. It just so happened that the morning of August 14th I posted to Facebook an article entitled, Seventeen million people endorse force to restore Trump Third Party Candidates Think hard of the future of our people Later on, the same day as above I reflected on another subject in the same vain regarding Donald Trump. It is reported that with every indictment, his support increases. At this point he has been indicted on three felony charges, one more is expected this week coming out of Atlanta, GA- totaling four indictments. This does not include civil cases where he’s had to pay out money. Hence, we must face the incredible truths that Donald Trump has such influence over millions of people that has been publicly recorded, they are probably millions more undercover. What will happen next year should Mr. Trump win the presidency. And let’s face it that’s a possibility, especially with Third World candidates drawing votes away from the Democratic nominee. And if Mr. Trump loses will there be a Civil war or violence across America? In future possibilities, what ought we to be thinking and doing to prepare for any eventuality?

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