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About Rev. Dr. Herbert Daughtry Sr.

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Pastor. Activist. Author. Organizer. Humanitarian

The Reverend Dr. Herbert Daughtry hails from a family which has produced five generations of Black church leaders. Born in Savannah, Georgia, and raised on the streets of Brooklyn, New York and Jersey City, New Jersey, Reverend Daughtry has risen to positions of national and international prominence. Currently National Presiding Minister of The House of the Lord Churches, he has previously served as Chairman of the National Black United Front, and Founder and President of the African People’s Christian Organization. More than 60 years of involvement in church and community service has earned him the title, “The People’s Pastor.”

Reverend Daughtry has traveled and lectured extensively around the world. In keeping with his concern for global human rights and self-determination, Reverend Daughtry has participated in dozens of international conferences and conventions, such as the 1981 international conference on sanctions against South Africa, sponsored by the United Nations and the Organization of African Unity (OAU). He also attended OAU Conference in Nairobi, Kenya and Sirte, Libya in 1981 and 1999, respectively.

He was the New York coordinator for civil disobedience to free South Africa in which hundreds of people were arrested. A long-time friend of Rev. Jesse Jackson, they met with Pope John Paul II at the Vatican and Archbishop Michael Ramsey in Canterbury to urge them to take a more vigorous stand against apartheid in South Africa. They also attended the Independence Day Celebration in Namibia. Rev. Daughtry was a member of the Welcoming Meeting on Mandela-ANC's visit to New York City in 1990. Winnie Mandela made her first public statement at his church, The House of the Lord Church, in Brooklyn, NY. His church hosted many African freedom fighters, including Joshua Nkomo (Z.A.P.U.), Theo-Ben Gurirab (S.W.A.P.O.), Johnny Makatini (ANC), and other members of the South African delegation.

On a number of occasions, Reverend Daughtry has spoken at United Nations subcommittee meetings regarding South African apartheid, Cuba, the Middle East, and the state of U.S. civil rights. In addition, he has participated in several conferences sponsored by the World Council of Churches to discuss issues facing the global faith community.

Reverend Daughtry has led innumerable delegations in travel around the world, to places as diverse as Israel, Ireland, and Iraq. For example, in 2003, he organized and led a multi-faith, multi-racial delegation to Iraq in a last, desperate appeal for peace. Since 2006, he has made several visits to the refugee camps of Darfur, and met with government, religious, civil, and resistance leaders. As a result of his efforts, he was invited to Juba, Sudan, to meet with all Darfurian leaders to assist them in forging a united front. In 2010, Reverend Daughtry was a member of an American delegation to South Africa to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Nelson Mandela's release from prison, delivering the sermon at the opening event.

Reverend Daughtry is married to Reverend Dr. Karen Smith Daughtry. They have four adult children, Leah, Sharon, Dawnique, and Herbert, Jr; three grandsons, Lorenzo, Herbert III, and Myles; and great-granddaughter, Lauren Joy, and great-grandson, Alexander.

Rev. Leah Daughtry was the CEO of the Democratic National Convention in 2008 and 2016. Rev. Dr. Karen S. Daughtry, inspired by Winnie Mandela, founded Sisters Against South African Apartheid (SASAA), which made significant contributions to the freedom of South Africa and Nelson Mandela. In the 1980s, they hosted Zenani Mandela and her husband.

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