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The Power in Sound Chapter Three

7/22 I posted, Rapping is rooted in our history. I cited my childhood years. Rapping was all around us in words and anything. Before I mention more examples of Rapping I want to define what “playing the Dozens” was and the possible influence on our adult years. The players would compete with one another on who could use the vilest language about each other’s mother. It was one of the most despicable manifestations of self-hatred. The practice of desecrating the sanctity of motherhood, even by children, must have been deeply rooted and widely pervasive in other areas. It might help explain why some Black men were abusive to their women. But not only was vulgar language used as it related to motherhood there were gutter or street poems known around the neighborhood; the Signifying Monkey; the day the Titanic went down; the Red Light District of the Coast etc. There was Rapping in the Church too.

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