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The Power In Sound Chapter One

After doing my Sunday routine; 730-8am prayers and camaraderie with the basketball players; 845-915am prayers and discussing issues with men of African Ancestry;1130-1p I preached in our Sunday Service. My subject was, The Power of Sound. The two Scriptures that I used were: Joshua 6 and II Chronicles 20. In both of these Scriptures God’s sound is seen as the dominant weapon, there is power in music!

I mentioned over nearly 80 years of committed life and service to Jesus Christ and the people I have been given a song to sing in deepest challenge experiences. I have even written my own songs and/or put my words to the melodies of others. I challenge you to try it. If you are going through tough times, get a song, make up your own song or ask God to give you a song or put some music in your soul. Spiritual music, especially — release Spiritual Energy. Spiritual Energy puts you on continuum or wave length with the Source of all Energy—God, the Supreme Creator of all things!

Sing a song, make some music, shout praises, make it joyful unto the Lord God our Savior and watch your walls come tumbling down or feel the surge of energy welling up inside which gives you the confidence that God is with you enabling you to endure or overcome any obstacle or enemy! And let us pray that the Jericho March and Rally we had Thursday 7/7 will bring down the walls of hate, violence racism, sexism etc “A consummation devoutly to be wished”


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