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The Power In Sound Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven

In chapter ten I wrote, we ought to care less about personal wealth and luxury and more about collective advancement. That was the second point in my three points regarding our responsibility since what we have are gifts. Now for the third and final point. It is Ownership! Yes, what we have is a gift of God through the Ancestors. Yes, we have to name it and claim it. We have to say, who are Super Stars are! Yes, we have to share our gifts and use our gifts to help others. Now we have got a way to control our gifts! We've got to express, define and interpret our gifts, produce our gifts, promote our gifts, and market or disseminate our gifts.

We have been able to some extent to do all the above but we have not controlled the dissemination or distribution. It seems so simple, yet so complex and insurmountable. You got it! I want it! Sell it to me! Why do we need somebody between us to control everything? Or what do those who have control over everything, we don’t have or can’t get. If God gave us the gifts, God intended for us to own the gifts, to control and with the gifts to promote ourselves, and to lift ourselves up! (Remember, I wrote this in 1996, the fifth anniversary of Tupac’s death. There has been some progress. But we still have a long way to go) Look for continuing next week, Chapter Twelve.


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