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The Power In Sound Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten

Last week, chapter nine, I dealt with the collectivity of the gift that has been given to Rappers and that it should be used to advance the Race. chapter ten. Who cares about how many cars you drive, the size of the house you live in, how much jewelry you have, who you rub shoulders with, where you go for vacation, how many wives or husbands you have or have had, how many millions you have. What we care about is how are you using what you have to help your mother and fathers, sisters and bothers who are less fortunate and whose early appreciation of you helped to give you the fame and fortune you now enjoy, and whose early purchase of your music started you on your way to where you are now. Also, your gift belongs to our struggle for Human Rights and Self Determination. I challenge you to copy the example of Paul Robeson, who refused to barter away his dignity for society’s praise and goodies. Instead, he decided that his talents would be used in the struggle for freedom. Yes, your gift belongs to us-all of us. We need to make a promise here tonight to Tupac and to our God, that we will do all we can do uplift our people. And let me reassure you, based on the word of God and the Laws of the Universe, What You Give Will Come Back To You With Interest!


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