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The Power in Sound Chapter Six

Chapter Six

The Power In Sound. Chapter Six The last chapter I wrote about Rapping and Tupac, that rapping was rooted in our history and that Tupac was one of the best (pardon, the bias he was a member of my Church). Let me be clear, when I write of the Power Of Sound, I mean the Rhythm, the Vibration not the lyrics. I think some of the words should never have been attached to the Rhythm. Tupac and I used to have some serious about the lyrics Rappers were using. This much we can say about Tupac, he was a supremely gifted son, who was born and lived in peculiar and difficult circumstances. Let acknowledge that artists, yes Rappers too, are the beneficiaries of the Rhythm bequeathed to them by the Supreme Creator through their ancestors. Let us be clear, what they have is a gift. Especially the Artist need to know that! Watch for chapter seven later to day. Got to go another appointment.


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