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The Power in Sound Chapter Five

Chapter Five

Well, here is the fifth chapter of the Power Of Sound that I promised. The last chapter, I wrote that Rapping was in our genes……in the beat of our hearts.

I will continue rapping about rapping. I will take excerpts from my booklet, A Seed Planted In Stone. I mentioned that Tupac and his family were members of my Church. I was asked to speak in Atlanta, GA for his Memorial on the fifth Anniversary of his death. I said, “Tupac in a most unusual, extraordinary way embodied the Cosmological Rhythmic Essence (CRE)” early on when he was writing poetry. He was so smart! Rhyme and lyrics flowed from him so effortlessly and flawlessly, it seemed. Brilliant, genius, pick your superlatives to define and describe him and when you have selected your highest expression, you still will not have fully, accurately, and truly told us who Tupac was. In the end we have to say, “God knows.”

To be continued!


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