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The Power In Sound Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight

I started writing about our being gifted and the need to be vigilant for there are people who always want to be the boss or the master or in charge. I remember when I was growing up, there was Count Basie, Cab Calloway, Cootie Williams, but they called Benny Goodman the “King of Swing “. Then Elvis Presley became the King and Bruce Springsteen, the Boss and Frank Sinatra was the Chairman of the Board. And I’m telling you that in a few years(remember this was written in 1996) some White Dude is going to hang out with some you Rappers long enough to half way clap his hands on time, once in a while and I guarantee you, he is going to be (King of the Rappers). Yeah but we did our naming too. While other people were claiming top spots for their people, we identified and gave top billing to our people.We called Charles Parker,The(Bird) Nobody could do it with the alto sax what (The Bird) could do. Lester Young was President (The Pres.) of the tenor sax association. Billie Holiday was “Lady Day” and Sarah Vaughan, well, there was not an appropriate description for her, so we called the (Divine One) Aretha Franklin was (The Queen of Sou) and not for from here, Augusta Ga., came James Brown, (The godfather of soul). My point is, what God has given to us we have to Name and Claim!


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