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The Road to Armageddon: US to train Ukrainian pilots to operate F16 fighter jets


The Road to Armageddon

United States to train Ukrainian pilots to operate F16 fighter jets


Well, another step on the road to Armageddon. It has been announced that American President Biden has agreed to train Ukrainian pilots to fly the most advanced fighter jets . There was resistance for a long while to President Zelensky’s request. He convinced president Biden and the NATO allies that it was imperative that the country supply the planes and pilots if his country was to succeed in winning the war through military conquest or attrition, and of course, as always he needed more money. It seems to be a continuing theme just one more this or that and a few more advanced weapons of war will achieve victory for the Ukrainians and its allies.

Secondly, the battle of Berkut has ended for a moment. The Russians claim victory over this important city in the eastern region of Ukraine. However, the Ukrainian and the American press, for the most part, have a different spin:

·      They say that the Russians haven't won the war, Russians haven’t won the city, it's all propaganda.

·      They say the Russians haven't won anything, the city has been reduced to rubble.

·      They say the Russians have won momentarily at a great cost of lives which makes it impossible for Russia to have men and weapons of war to battle in other areas of Ukraine.

·      They say that the Russians will occupy only for a moment as the Ukrainians withdrawal has strengthened them to encircle the city and wage a counter offensive.

Now, if all this sounds contradictory, welcome to the club of those who question what's going on in the Ukraine. It just seems that the truth is not being told. There is always Ukrainians winning the war, no matter what seeps out that the Russians have done.

 You remember some time ago when the Russians withdrew from Kherson which was right across the river. It was held up as a great victory for the Ukrainians. An American reporter, in an interview with high level Ukrainian officials, said that the Russians have withdrawn from Kherson. The official corrected him and stated that the Russians had been driven out of Kherson and the city had been liberated. From then on the reporter reiterated the Ukrainian officials line. The city had been liberated. It was clear to us nonmilitary people who questioned the Ukrainian statement. It seemed to us that the Russians were up to something. After the Ukrainians moved into the city and celebrated with President Zelensky leading the way and settled down, the Russians commenced a fierce bombardment of the city.

It became clear that it was all a Russian ploy to seemingly withdraw or be driven out of the city.

I have deep concerns of President Biden’s administration on two issues:

1.    The war in Ukraine and its fallout in other nations.

I believe deeply that Americans are going to become pervasively disillusioned, tired, and weary with the war in Ukraine. As the war drags on and on and the problems at home remain unresolved, it is easy to believe that the Biden administration we'll have another Vietnam on its hands and especially with some of the Republicans already critical of the administration. That criticism is going to continue to add supporters to its positioning. It is obvious that this Ukrainian war is going to continue a long time. Both sides, Russia and American allies agree that there is no end in sight. Additionally, there is continuing tension with China. On the one side America has been critical of China and its support of Russia in subtle ways. Yet it has been China who has put forth a 12-point peace plan which America and its allies have rejected. All the while North Korea continues its nuclear testing of bombs.

2.    Immigration

President Biden is expected to solve this problem and the chances are it is not going to be solved but get worse. And as unfair as it is to charge or accuse President Biden of neglect or the inability to solve the problem, nonetheless, politics being what it is in America today, the lack of a resolution will be placed on his doorstep.


Let me emphasize and make it abundantly clear that I like and support President Biden and I think he's doing an admirable job. I think he is a man of unquestioned integrity and honorable intentions. I will probably vote for him in the upcoming election.

My questions are an attempt to get out the truth and not to undermine the Biden administration; but be helpful to the administration and to the people’s of the world. I hope that President Biden succeeds, but again, a cursory glance at history teaches us that the American people grow weary of a prolonged war which seems there is no ending. And all the while other issues seem unresolved and money, and resources are poured into an endless war.

I had a nightmare that because of the continuation of the war in Ukraine and the continuing flow of military weapons, money and propaganda, Republicans had seized the issue and the American people voted into the presidency of the United States with Donald Trump. What a horrible nightmare, but it is possible if we keep  unless going down the road we’re going. It is either Armageddon or a Republican President in the next election.

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