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One more step toward nuclear war?

It has been reported, on Wednesday December 14th by CNN, that the American government is about to endorse arming Ukraine with the Patriot missile systems. The Patriot missile system is a highly sophisticated protective system and it may be the most effective system in the American arsenal. This is the system that President Zelensky has been begging for since the beginning of the war and some commentators or Ukrainian supporters said that the missiles should’ve been supplied before the war even started.

It has been reported that Russia has been targeting Ukraine’s infrastructure for months, including population centers which has produced unbearable hardships on the people, especially as winter increases.

According to President Zelensky half of the country's power systems are destroyed or inoperable due to the missile and drone attacks. Keep in mind, President Zelensky handles the truth carelessly. For example, the recent missile debacle that fell on Poland killing two people was first blamed on Russia. Later, it was learned that it was Ukraine's responsibility. Then, President Biden and all the NATO nations including Zelensky came up with a strategy of not blaming Ukraine but blaming Russia. After all, they said that Russia started the war. A rather twisted logic to blame this deadly accident on Russia - when all the world knows it was Ukraine. Nevertheless, NATO and American leaders all agreed that Ukraine needs more sophisticated weapons so that they can continue the offensive or win the war.

NATO leadership along with President Biden and especially the overwhelming American media, particularly the cable channels are constantly projecting the idea that the courageous people under the undaunted leadership of President Zelensky are winning the war, and Russia is on the defense.

Remember, the city of Kherson, that we were told that Ukrainians had driven the Russians out of the city, thus the celebration for the liberation. The truth, that was so obvious to anyone who wanted the truth, that the Russians were not driven out of the city. The truth of the matter is Russia withdrew from the devastated city and set up camp across the river. As they made ready to leave they launched a missile attack.

So, Ukraine is winning? Yet at the same time, they have to report that Ukraine is losing. Even Kherson now is under a barrage of missiles. It was obvious that Russia pulled out of the devastated city of Kherson, knowing that the people would return amid celebrations and at a given time, they would resume the bombardment from across the river. It appears that significant parts of the country are in shambles. The people are freezing to death in great numbers, in addition to experiencing other kinds of unbearable hardships.

President Putin decides not to have his annual press conference. The American press read into that act, Putin’s not wanting to tell the Russian people how badly things are going in Ukraine. Another example of the clear propaganda, the American Press and political leaders always depict the war in Ukraine as Putin’s (never President Putin) war. Thus projecting Putin as a monster that not even the Russian people want to support the war.

The American Press reported that Putin was bombing helpless residents of this particular city, they said that in the particular city, a maternity hospital was bombed and one infant was killed. If you indeed a maternity hospital is bombed or missiled, how is it that only one infant child killed? Are we to believe this story? Isn’t a hospital a place where people are crowded in, especially during this crisis time? What kind of bombs or missiles are these that pinpoint one infant child!

It would be laughable if it were not so deadly serious. Now, here we are with the killing, destruction, disruption increasing, and we are told more sophisticated weapons will be sent to Ukraine. Well, isn't it logical to consider that Russia is going to counter that move. That's the game of war! One side offers and the other side increases its weaponry and the other side counters until there is war on a larger scale. That's why I say one more step toward nuclear war.

Isn't it logical and reasonable, all the humane terms I can think of, to say, “Stop the killing! Stop the destruction! And start talking now. That's all, stop killing people, destroying their lives and start talking.” Remember Churchill’s admonition during the Second World War, “Jaw Jaw is better than War War.”

To the people of the world and especially in the USA, let's find a way to pressure the leadership to insist that there be talks with the Russians. It is obvious that President Zelensky is under the illusion that Ukraine can win the war. If not by itself, he can get the NATO nations and other nations involved and they would have the greatest nuclear power and wipe Russia off the map.

Let's find a way to demand a cessation of war, negotiations and a settlement that would be mutually beneficial. It has been reported that President Biden and other NATO nations want to have talks with President Putin, but it is resisted by President Zelensky. Prayerfully, maybe, hopefully, in some way the recent exchange that brought Britteny Griner home is a step toward talking which could lead to peace.

To quote the Prophet Isaiah, “Nations will not lift up swords against nations anymore. And that will be the day that the high places will be made low and the crooked places will be made straight and the rough places made smooth and the glory of the Lord will be seen and all flesh shall see it together.” A world with democratization, prosperity, freedom, justice, and goodwill will rule and on that day we'll all see God together.

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