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President Zelensky- Tanks and Talks and the war in Ukraine grind on- Friday January 20, 2023

There was a report of Zelensky meeting with the FBI chief in Germany. The FBI informed President Zelensky of the Russian spring offensive. In Germany, where the NATO leaders were leading, President Zelensky was begging for more sophisticated tanks. Germany has refused the request to give the tanks. The U.S. is trying to persuade Germany to proceed. Germany doesn't want to be responsible for starting a war and has insisted America give its most sophisticated tanks. President Biden has argued that the American tanks are more complicated to operate and to repair and are unsuited for the terrain. In addition, it is more costly and their debate stands.

In the meanwhile, it is still promoted to the American public that somehow Ukraine is winning the war and will ultimately defeat Russia while at the same time, residual of cities destroyed, the constant discussion of the pain, suffering of the Ukrainian people during the winter season. Russia has intensified its missile attacks on the infrastructure that gave the people power: electrical, heating, cooking. They no longer can survive at the rate things are going. And yet, somehow the American Press and parading old Generals of bygone wars, politicians, and Ukrainian leaders themselves are all trying to convince the American people and the world that Ukraine is winning the war.

Tanks and Talks and the war in Ukraine grind on…

I awoke this morning with two disturbing reports: CIA director and President Zelensky have secret talks. Among the matters reported discussed: Russian spring offensive, there is a huge Russian build up in troops and weapons that have been detected in key areas in the country have been targeted. What Ukraine and America propose to do about this threat was not disclosed.

Second: the NATO nations have been in Germany top of the agenda. President Zelensky wants Tanks. Remember, a few weeks ago he was in America begging for missiles and air shield or defenses and other weapons and money which the Congress enthusiastically approved. Two and half billion are on the way.

Well, now President Zelensky is pleading Germany for other weapons. When will it end? When Zelensky asks for and gets nuclear weapons and then Nuclear War and then the End.

Well, what is Russia saying about all the weapon buildup and talk of winning the war and ”doing as much as it takes as long as it takes“. The most sobering response has come from a former Russian President who reported to have said, "Russia will use nuclear weapons before it be defeated." So, there rest; one side says “we will stay in the war till we win, the other side says, we will not lose“ and nobody is talking about peace and death, destruction, disruption grows significantly more pervasive.In light of this threat to our existence, why is little protest heard or seen in the land? We must wake up, mobilize, and organize to SAVE THE PLANET! SAVE THE PEOPLE!


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