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Traveling & Thinking out Loud with the People's Pastor Thurs, June 1st - Thurs, June 6th, 2023

Thursday, June 1st, 2023

We spoke to Myrlene Laurince about the Arthur Miller event on June 17th and she informed us of the press conference for Monday June 5, 2023 in remembrance of her son Bernard Placide – read more about her story:

Friday, June 2nd, 2023

We planned for the Arthur Miller and Kwame Ture event and had an important call from Don Rojas. Ron Daniels, the President of the Institute of the Black world who recently you remember, organized one of the most impressive conferences I'd ever attended. I told Rojas to follow up on the conversation that Ron and I had had regarding the Arthur Miller, Kwame Ture programs.

Rojas has a very interesting and educational relationship over the years. He was a columnist for the Amsterdam News in the 70s. When we organized the Black United Front and the National Black United Front, he was our communications director. When the New Jewels Movement took power in Grenada, 1979 Rojas went to Grenada and served as Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and the Bishop Administration director of Communications. He now serves as the communication director for the IBW and many other businesses and organizations. I counted a significant addition to assist in organizing our two programs.

Saturday, June 3rd 2023

I visited NAN and made the announcement of the Arthur Miller program, Rev. Sharpton in his presentation elaborated on the importance of Arthur Miller’s chokehold death. He pointed out that with the death of Randy Evans in 1976 and the juries slap on the wrist for the killer cop in 1977. A movement had started in Brooklyn. Arthur Miller’s death fueled the anger and commitment to change. At the time, the Black Power Afrocentrism, Pan-Africanist movement had been marginalized primarily by the FBI. The civil rights movement which had achieved much but had not reached the height of expectation had become the object of ridicule, disappointment and even anger. Dr. MLK Jr., the sainted leader was booed in various cities and Rev. Sharpton emphasized that the BUF and he cited me in particular was able to bring together the civil rights movement and the Black Power, Black Nationalist Pan-Africanist movement in BUF.

Sunday, June 4th 2023

The usual Sunday – Basketball, Men’s Prayer.

We had our in-person Sunday Service at 322 Duncan Avenue Jersey City, NJ. All are welcome to join! My message was God can do much with little or nothing Zechariah 4:10

My intention was to prepare our members and supporters for the two programs: Arthur Miller; Ture programs. I wanted to do this by showing through history great were accomplished by people who were not very thought of very highly by society. And even Jesus’ disciples would not have made the newspaper as the most likely to succeed and our own history and the church that we started with 5 elderly members, small storefront church with a potbelly stove in the center, the ceiling had crumbled, the walls had been damaged and I would travel from Jersey City to Brooklyn. The church was located at 2024 Fulton St between Howard and Saratoga. In the winter I had to start the fire in the stove and pick up the members when I succeeded in purchasing a car. And I would tell those few members that one day this church, the House of the Lord would be known around the world and people would come from all over, bringing their knowledge and experience with them. They would be glad to lecture or perform for gratis at the church.

Now looking back, we see how that has been fulfilled and all of you and members in other cities have brought it to pass. We should praise God and get ready for a greater work.

Monday, June 5th, 2023

I attended a Press Conference in front of the Police Plaza in Englewood, NJ. Bernard Placide – 10am – Jersey City. The press conference was called by the family of Bernard Placide and their attorney. They are demanding $50 million for the death of Bernard Placide, the 23-year-old son of Myrlene Laurnice. Attending the press conference were community leaders including Scott Jenkins, Jerry Chambers of the NJ Black Caucus, Larry Ham People for Progress, among others.

We later had our Timbuktu learning center meeting

Tuesday, June 6th, 2023

Lifeline Prayer & Fellowship at 7am

Worked with Sarah 3-5pm reviewing past events and catching up and upcoming

Spoke with publisher: Seaburn that my book Reflections on the Pandemic 2020-2021

Had extensive conversation with one of our editors Herb Boyd and the publisher Africa World Press on my other book- Passing of the Giants which is almost finished. I was sent the galley (complete copy for final review of the manuscript) and the cover. Our next task is to select the photos for the persons of whom I’m writing and more discussion on the cover.

Timbuktu- History night- Tuesday's we do history, citing historical events or personal moments of great importance.


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