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Traveling and Thinking out Loud With the People’s Pastor Saturday, January 20, 2024

A Day of Happiness

National Action Network

I started the morning at the National Action Network Rally, Rev. Sharpton and the people of NAN had given me such a wonderful birthday celebration with gifts, handshakes, and herbal arrangements, money and cake. I wanted to return and say thank you although I love going to NAN on Saturday mornings for several reasons:

First, I like being with Rev. Sharpton, hearing him speak always conjures up history of our involvement starting with Operation Breadbasket. He was our youth leader at 12 or 13 years old, Dr. Bill Jones Pastor of Bethany Baptist Church was the Chairman and Rev. John Scott was the Executive Director and I was the Executive VP. This would’ve been in 1967/1968. Since that time until the present there are a few issues in New York and parts of the United States that we were not involved in.

Secondly, I love the people at NAN. They are a representative group of various classes, status and achievers.

Thirdly, you never know who you might meet there. There’s always a special guest. This Saturday Lieutenant Governor Delgado was present and made remarks as a guest speaker.

So, this Saturday morning, I returned and received an overwhelming reception. I was given time to verbally express my gratitude. Rev. Sharpton was as gracious and generous as he had been the week before. Profusely he cited the many involvements and accomplishments over the years.

He even announced on the air that he and others planned to rename Atlantic Avenue after me, “The Bishop Herbert Daughtry Boulevard.” As he mentioned this, the crowd stood on their feet, with handclaps, feet stomping and verbal affirmation. Obviously, I was ecstatic.

The main issue Rev. Sharpton addressed in his speech and that has been his focus for a long while now was Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). He believes that there is more momentum in the country to roll back our hard-fought gains. The false resignation of Dr. Claudine Gay, former President of Harvard was an example that he cited.

One of the prime moments was William Ackman, a wealthy alumni and right-wing protagonist. Rev. Sharpton emphasized that demonstrations would continue at his office on Thursdays 12pm-1pm: 54th and 11th St. He made an appeal for all.

Senior's Day at Eagle Academy in the Bronx

In the photo: my daughter in law: Danielle Cooper Daughtry, Herb III, Herb Jr.

After our usual Saturday morning breakfast with

my wife at our favorite restaurant, it was Senior's Day at Eagle Academy in the Bronx. My grandson Herb III, attends and plays basketball for the team. It was the day that photos were taken with the parents and other relatives. It was an exceedingly proud day.

Disney on Ice at the Barclays Center

Rev. Dr. Dawnique, Rev. Dr. Karen, Alexander and myself

We then made our way to Brooklyn for Disney on Ice at the Barclays Center. A boisterous fun time was had by all

especially the children. As my wife and I sat in our seats the middle seat was vacant and my youngest great-grand Alexander came and parked himself in the seat. As I sat in the seat overlooking the ice show I couldn’t help but remember how it all started. We had heard that Forest City Ratner, the developer had purchased the New Jersey Nets and planned to move to

Brooklyn on 26 acres of land in Downtown Brooklyn. Also included in the plan were 16 high-rises, commercial buildings and a refurbishing of the building that surrounded that strip of land. We negotiated a Community Benefits Agreement which included the suite in which we were seated. Four lower bowl tickets and 50 upper bowl tickets for all of the events in the arena. Also use of the arena by community groups with all the proceeds and profits going towards the sponsoring groups. A great way for community-based groups to raise funds.

A community foundation consisting of the Brooklyn Nets, Forest City Ratner and our group DBNA funds would be provided by Forest City Ratner and the Brooklyn Nets and be allocated in annual community grants by DBNA. We also negotiated a state-of-the-art health facility that would provide quality health service with the courtesy and compassion and professionalism in a state-of-the-art facility. We chose the New York Presbyterian Hospital. It was considered the fifth best hospital in America at the time. They collaborated with the Brooklyn hospital. In addition, we negotiated an intergenerational initiative – a complex that would house daycare children, youth and senior citizens. Daycare centers have been one of our specialties for the last 50 years. One of the programs we specialize in for the last 50 years and now to sit in the suite enjoying the program but most of all enjoying the family. I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with gratitude to God and Jesus Christ, to the people and to the family all of which made it possible.

When the program was over and we started homeward in the bitter-cold but our hearts were warm with love, gratitude and appreciation. As I surveyed all of the skyscrapers and the lights across the downtown area. The bustling crowd of shoppers that were in the cold weather, the revitalization of the whole area. Yet but a few years before had been deteriorating, rodent infested, crimes and criminals were pervasive and to think that we had a hand, we played a significant role in the revitalization that is now continuing. What a mighty God we serve!


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