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Traveling & Thinking out Loud with People's Pastor (Mon-Sun) April 17-23, 2023

Monday, April 17th, 2023

We worked for a couple of hours outlining the work for the week. This included:

1. Social media posts

A. Photo Bio series outlining the history of the National Black United Front

B. 50th Anniversary

C. Traveling and Thinking out Loud

Later on at 7pm we had Timbuktu, I did my usual introduction of how we came to be called Timbuktu Learning Center (TLC), the sponsors we announce on the the TLC, the House of the Lord Church (HOLC), the Downtown Brooklyn Neighborhood Alliance (DBNA), HDGM Weekly practices for the mastery of life and I spoke about the benefits of fasting and then the Prayer, Q&A - Mondays are current events, Tuesday-historical references, and Wednesday night health. 1-716-427-1168 passcode: 604309#

Tuesday, April 18th, 2023

AM Lifeline Prayer. We also have started posting our Daily Prayer post every morning. I am very pleased that we have been able to attract so many to the morning posting prayer. It has even increased our morning lifeline prayer time.

Later on, we had out Timbuktu Learning Center at 7pm

Wednesday, April 19th, 2023

I missed the morning prayer this morning. Finished packing, I’m headed toward Institute of the Black World (IBW) 21 Conference in Baltimore, MD, April 19-23. Dr. Ron Daniels is the President and has been on the scene as long if not longer than I have. His creative, conscious and tireless in his efforts to advance our people. He also does a radio program named Vantage Point. He has some heavy hitters addressing the conference, The President of Ghana, the President of Grenada,etc.

Thursday, April 20th, 2023 - Sunday, April 23rd, 2023 (Conference)

Institute of the Black World Conference in Baltimore, MD

I do not have words, and perhaps there are no words to describe the IBW's 4th Quadrennial Conference. While I have been around since the beginning I do not think that any of the other IBW conferences equal this one. It was held at the Baltimore Convention Center joining the Hilton Inner Harbor Hotel. The huge Marriott Hotel was across the street, the accessibility and convenience of this convention center made it easier for the movement of personnel and baggage.

It all happened in one big room, it was divided along the walkway where vendors were. Behind the vendors were rooms for panel discussions and across from the vendors were ample sitting space. It all took place in one space, so you always got the feeling you were in the middle of what was happening..

There were many panel discussions/workshops but I think 6/7 that I at least made an attempt was The State of the Global Reparation Movement, an international movement comparable to the anti-apartheid movement or the free South Africa/ Free Mandela movement is imperative. If we ought to get all that’s due to us.

Environmental Justice, Climate change and Water is a Human Right

I was delighted to have emphasis placed on environmental issues. I had a fascinating conversation on a program that Kymo is doing, and Jade Harrel. In 6 weeks he’ll take young people ages 14-20 and teach them how to grow the things we consume and the impact or the influence of the environment on our pre birth, birth and growth.

He took a watermelon seed and put the watermelon seed in a box with dirt, with the soil that would make it grow. He put cracks in the side of the box as they watched the watermelon grow, the vines begin to spread out. But it was confined to the narrow space created. It sought to grow, but the only place that it could expand was in the crack they placed on the container wall. What was graphically demonstrated was that the watermelon couldn’t grow the way it should have if it’s in the wrong environment or if its away from its environment, someone interferes with the environment or takes the seeds out of its environment. This is why I theorized that even our birth is influenced by the environment we’re in. Because the environment will influence who our parents are. So in a sense, once again we are responsible to some degree of who we are and who we become.

So, when we see another human being we should find ourselves. Look at what we have made, look at what we have produced. So when we see another human being no matter the race, sex, gender. we remind ourselves we are to some degree responsible for this person.

Gentrification is placing Black people and Black culture; gentrification is a state of emergency in Black America.

To sum up, where are all the Black people going? It’s a discussion that is held everywhere in every conference, in every gathering of people of African ancestry. What is the solution to the question? It was pointed out that we have more black political representation than we had before. Why then are we disappearing from many cities?

Socially responsible Black in business economic development

A significant point was made that our African heritage is to be entrepreneurs. With the coming of the slavery this idea of the entrepreneur spirit almost disappeared. So we teach our children, get educated so you can get a good job. The panelists emphasized that we should become educated and then create rather than looking for a job ; resurrecting our ancient heritage or creative entrepreneurship.

Another workshop was the State of Black America and the Pan-African world

Today, it was pointed out that in certain areas they're doing better than ever before. On this panel by the way was Marc Morial, president and CEO of the National Urban League (NUL). The NUL as we know produces an annual state of Black America. He emphasized, again, that in some areas we're doing better than ever before. Electoral politics, four of the largest cities in America have Black Mayors NY, Chicago, Houston, LA. There was a record number of Black colleges. We have millionaires and billionaires, even two billionaires.

But in a conversation that I had with Councilman Charles Barron a few days ago, he pointed out a couple of cities that used to be predominantly Black have lost significant numbers and power.

WDC used to be called Chocolate City. It used to be 76 or 80% black. Now it is down to around 56%. The 15 member council used to be 13% Black and one Latino. Now it’s 7 Black, 7 White and 1 Latino. Same thing can be said for Atlanta and other cities. What a contradiction? Combating gun violence and murder/ostracized in black communities a public health crisis. Participation was Pastor Michael McBride and our own AT Mitchell., who was one of my proteges proud of the work he is doing in East NY and Brownsville. Man Up program. Also a great friend Pastor Michael McBride. They were most impressive in arguing the gun violence that factors in a health issue.

Pastor McBride pointed out that billions of dollars have been earmarked to address these issues. It is difficult to get federal grants, but we can do whatever is necessary. If we don’t otherwise a state of colonization will exist ie: others will get the money in our name and hire black persons to do the actual work.

The Sixth Pan African Region

It has been on the table for a long long time that the Africans in the diaspora should be considered a state and sit at the table with the heads of states in Africa. In various suggestions there should be six regions, five for the heads of state and the sixth region for Africans in the diaspora. I said this idea has been around as long as there have been independent African states. The towering challenge is there are groups in the diaspora that are in the Caribbean, U.S.A and also Europe with various groups organized to become the sixth region. I say the towering challenge is how to bring it all together so that there is an agreed upon sixth region that is accepted in the Diaspora and also by the heads of African states.

I repeat that the African conferences have been around since the turn of the 20th century with W.E Du Bois.The most important one was the 5th Pan-African congress in Manchester, England. Out of that conference came the leaders of countries that commenced their independence with Ghana in 1957. Kwame Nkrumah was the Secretary of the 1945 conference and became the President of Ghana. So these conferences took up these questions about us Africans in the Diaspora. I attended the 6th Pan-African Congress in Tanzania 1974 *

Saturday night was Special Awards night

Many individuals received special awards presented by Dr. Ron Daniels. Prior to the award ceremony former Prime Minister of Jamaica, Patterson spoke. He spoke of the history of Jamaica and how the British had attempted to outlaw the drones. They understood that it was our communication system. He also said, “we who are people of African ancestry do not want to be superior to anybody but we will never accept a status of inferiority.” At the end of the program a special celebration was held for Dr. Ron Daniels. It was unanimous that he has been one of the foremost Pan-Africanist, Nationalist organizers. His convening of Africans across the Diaspora has seldom been achieved. He has worked tirelessly, energetically, creatively all grounded in his love for African people and indeed for all people. He has done as much as anybody to bring us all together and this conference is a visible concrete example of his creative and organizing genius so we celebrate him tonight. After the remarks there was a table set up with a birthday cake and everybody sang "Happy Birthday to you” Stevie Wonder style.

There was another special presentation. I saved it for the last because I want to promote the program this Friday at our church the House of the Lord Church 415 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217. The presentation was about Bobbi Wine. Many believed that he won the election in the Congo Feb 2021, but the election was stolen by the present administration with the help of the US World Bank/IMF - Finance President.

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Upon my return from the IBW conference, I reflected on the conference I had attended in this month and last month:

  • Our church Annual Memorial Pilgrimage to Augusta, GA where we remembered in ceremony and history reflections, the people who have passed on are upon whose shoulders we stand.

  • Induction into Dr. MLK Jr. Board of Preachers on 4/13/2023, my wife Dr. Karen and I traveled to Atlanta, Ga. My daughter Bishop Leah Daughtry was also inducted. The ceremonies took place in the MLK Jr. international chapel at Morehouse College.

  • Saturday 4/15, I attended the NAN’s Conference at the Sheraton Hotel in NY

  • Institute of the Black World Conference - IBW 21 Baltimore, Maryland 4/19/-4/23

To sum up in just a few sentences, putting it all together, it was the demonstration of the genius, the skill, the talent of people of African Ancestry. It was that Spirit that gave the world the great advances in civilization long before Europeans entered our lives.

Looking back I am so proud and so grateful that I was in some way part of it all and in spite of all the doom and gloom of which we speak, I am still hopeful that the progress that we have made is but little compared to the great day in which we have reached the Promised Land.

On Sunday, my nephew Minister Gregory took care of our basketball ritual and the Men’s prayer 8:45am and the Sunday service.

I posted FB Post:

War! War! War! How long, oh LORD, Will We Suffer This Madness?!

While I’ve been attending the Institute Of The Black World Conference, In Baltimore MA., I was still scanning the world with a heavy heart. The exhilarating, enlightening, inspiring Conference couldn’t keep my mind off “the troubles of this world.War, war in various manifestation, is still death, destruction, disruption, pain, loss and suffering.

There is the traditional war: Russia and Ukraine

Russia is still bombing and Ukraine is still begging and the people are still dying, their lives are being disrupted and their country is being destroyed. And there are no talks among the leaders on how to end the madness.

Now Sudan has gotten into the war. It seems to be an internal affair between Arab Muslim and Arab Muslins. Years ago, responding to Secretary Colin Powell statement that the situation in Sudan was the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today-that was in 2005, we organized a group of minsters. We named ourselves, The National Religious Leaders of African Ancestry Concern About Darfur.

Three wars: In addition there were several wars that were not included in the prior references to war. Other obligations into the time I had allotted for the post. Now I want to include:

Cultural War

There was a time when reading widely books, magazines and newspapers. Now politics and power have entered the picture. It is no longer a free flowing of ideas. Not only have politics and power entered the scene but also violence. While there has always been an attempt to limit ideas and literature. But it was like nothing compared to today.

Kinder War

All sides of the kinder war have dug in and they appear to be little desire and appreciation for the beliefs of others. We have reached out even to children to try to persuade them one way or the other. It is another manifestation of war and violence. The idea of every human being should be respected and the opinions of others should be respected. It is my firm conviction that the birth of a person is not confined to the two parties engaged. For the two parties so engaged are members of the larger society - are members of the human family and what we are that larger society had played some parts in our birth and development.

We are what we eat, breathe, think which again is all influenced to some degree of who we are and who we become.

Generational War

There was a time when the elders were respected. I remember when we were children, we feared and reverenced the elders. We would say, “I’m not going to talk bad about sister so and so or brother so and so because they’ll put the mouth on you.” Meaning that if you disrespected them elders didn’t like you or said something about you, you would do it. They would cause bad things to happen to you. So rather than venerate the elders as in many other cultures, we disrespect or show lack of appreciation for the elders.

And so the war rages on all fronts. Jesus' words said before us, values in our lives especially towards one another. He said, "love God, love your neighbor as yourself." He also said, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." So simple yet seemingly is so hard to achieve. What I want done to me I should do to others. Let us strive then to bring peace, love and appreciation and gratitude to the world.

As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, "we have invented this world we will either live together or die as fools."


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