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Traveling and Thinking out Loud with the People's Pastor (Thurs-Sat) February 9-11, 2023

Thursday, February 9th, 2023

I posted to Facebook:

Turkey, Syria, Ukraine and the World

My prayers, heart and mind turned toward the people of Turkey and Syria in particular and Ukraine and the world in general. It’s melancholy consideration that one part of the world, massive death and destruction by the forces of nature; another part of the world, the same thing is happening as human war against each other in Ukraine and other places, while across the world hunger, homelessness, disease are pervasive and men and women of science have done and is doing wonders in technology even to colonizing the moon by 2024, and yet, they can’t discover and implement ways to peace, prosperity and the "pursuit of happiness".

I propose that the war in Ukraine cease, if not for ever, than an agreed upon period of time, and give all money, resources and technology that would have been spent on death and destruction of war to Turkey and Syria and other places of desperate need! Is there a second? Who knows , we might start a world changing movement!

Moreover, let continue to demand:



Peace (a mutually beneficial agreement)

Human need prioritized!

Save The Planet, Save The People!

Friday, February 10th, 2023

As we near the Super Bowl increasingly interviews, past plays by various teams and excerpts from the great players of yesteryear. I was impressed with the presence of Lamar Hamlin, the young Buffalo Bills player. Remember, he was injured, near death in a football game. Only quick action by the medical team that accompanied all the ambulance that took him off the field to the hospital. He was seen and interviewed in a number of television appearances. In one of his appearances he made a statement that I wrote down and reviewed my own life to see if the statement fit my attitude also. He said, “All my life I wanted to play football in the NFL, but God had a bigger plan.” I looked back over my life and I could see that my plans had been disrupted and God had a bigger plan. I wondered how many people have that approach towards disrupted plans. If in fact there are those who have lost faith or trust in God because of disrupted plans. Let Hamlin's statement inspire to reconsider your position and trust that God has a bigger plan.

Saturday, February 11th, 2023

My wife, Dr. Karen and I went out and had our Saturday morning breakfast at our favorite restaurant. I returned home and still on my mind was Hamlin’s statement, "God had a bigger plan." I counted at least two important developments in my life where disappointment and despondency were disrupting my life.


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