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Traveling and Thinking out Loud with the People's Pastor (Sat-Thurs) January 7-12, 2023

Saturday, January 7th, 2023

I posted on 1/7/23 previous day about the AACEO Meeting:

“Fri. AM 1/6/23: I attended the monthly African American Clergy and Elected Officials (AACEO) at Antioch Baptist Church. In 1989, Dr. G. Taylor, at the time Pastor of Concord Baptist Church called Al Vann and I. He wanted to organize help for David Dinkins who was running for mayor. When the Meeting was convened, it seemed that every Black Elected Official and Religious Leader were present.

We succeeded in helping Dave get elected. He became the first Mayor of African Ancestry in New York history. Since we were successful, we decided to stay together. We drafted a Constitution & Bylaws and elected officers.

I was elected Chairman, Congressman Ed. Towns was elected Vice Chairman. We established five objectives:

Internal Support: a commitment to keep private information from religious and/or political involvements. Sharing vital information, Enjoining Issues, External Support, whatever the needs: political, religious, community etc. To respect each others boundaries.

I served for six years and resigned. The honor of serving as Chairman of such an illustrious body should be shared by others-

This A.M. attendance, was I think the largest ever. Practically every Black Elected Official was present and some Latino. Rev. Al Sharpton was the featured speaker. He pointed out the need to know history and whose shoulders we stand on.

He related the story Rev. Lowery told him as they surveyed destruction the hurricane left behind. There were a few trees still standing. When he asked Rev. Lowery, why? Lowery responded, the trees that are standing have roots running for miles.The others have no roots. Rev. Al drove home the point, if you don’t have roots you will fall when hard times come!

These two questions we must ask ourselves: whose shoulders are we standing on? And, how deep are our roots?

Rev. Robert Waterman is now the Chairman.”

In the photo: AACEO Meeting at the Mayor David Dinkins office

Sunday, January 8th, 2023

Well it’s Sunday and by now you know our program:


7:30-8:30am basketball in the gym, now that the weather has changed.

After basketball, the Men’s Prayer 8:45-9:15am (telephone conference call)

Sunday Service

The title for my sermon was two events of the past, It’s all Motivated by Love.

For the basketball players, as I have stated before prayer I do weekly words of wisdom. This Sunday, I mentioned the football player Hamlin, and I pointed out that for one shining moment the world came together to show him love. Again, I carried this theme through the men’s prayer and the sermon in our Sunday service 11:30am-1pm.

I pointed out that the actions of the people toward Hamlin were motivated by love. But also, the disruption that took place at the City Council meeting was motivated by love. I emphasized that Jesus disrupted the moneychangers in the Temple. He was concerned that the moneychangers people, although reputable, probably considered among the leading citizens were exploiting the people - especially poor/disadvantaged people.

Monday, January 9th, 2023

Breakfast with my Wife – Dr. Karen Daughtry

At least twice a month, my wife, Dr. Karen and I have breakfast at our favorite restaurant. We have dinner once a week at another favorite eating place. I think that these times together around food and people that come to greet us showing love, is one of the activities that helped to sustain our marriage for over 60 years.

One of the many things that encouraged me so much is that often when I or we are ready to pay for our food, I’m informed that it has already been taken care of. Most of the time it's by a stranger, and even when it is someone I know, they never tell me they're going to take care of the check.

This happens not only in America but in other countries. I remember several years ago being in Puerto Rico. As my custom, I like to go for walks even in foreign lands. As I walked along this particular busy street, I decided to sample the food of a particular restaurant. I then reported to my wife about the quality of food and service. After I dined sufficiently not knowing the price, I made ready to pay the check. It was a substantial amount of money. It was a classy restaurant; I wouldn’t take my wife to anything less. When I inquired about the check, the waiter said it’s already been paid for. When I asked, by whom and when, looking across the room. They would not reveal the identity, I’m sure at the request of the generous person.

I even had this done at grocery stores. As I moved along the line, the person in front of me looked at the food in my cart and gave me the cash that he thought would cover or at least pay part of the bill. He found a way to leave the money for the next person.

I followed his example. I don’t know what the amount of the groceries that the person had after me, but I left cash to pay that person's bill. She followed me out to my car as I was packing, she thanked me profusely. It’s a good practice to do a good deed without being noticed. But there are times you want people to know you’ve done a good deed, not just for the praise but we want to be a witness and encourage others to do likewise.

I encourage you to read the great book, Magnificent Obsession by Lloyd Douglas.

In the evening, we resumed our Timbuktu Learning Center as we were off for two weeks.

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

We did our usual morning prayer after which I posted Happy Birthday to Michael Garner. I was very pleased that I was getting a lot of response from my message. It's all motivated by Love. In fact, I received a glowing tribute from Playthell Benjamin.

In the evening I attended another Englewood City council meeting, this meeting was cut short because of the disruption. I posted on this the following day.

Timbuktu Learning Center

I tried to take care of Timbuktu in real time. I started with my driving to the council meeting, crossing the street and entering the Council meeting building. When I attempted to go through security, I had to put my phone in the basket, prepared for security purposes. It meant that I had to disconnect my phone from the Timbuktu meeting. But, I learned later that the meeting was continued by a couple of the members. I was delighted to hear that. I love it when members participate and then out of the group emerges leaders who can take over the meeting.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

We had our usual Lifeline prayer, followed by conversation. My Wednesday typist was postponed again. One of my typists had to go to the hospital for the family member. She indicated that she didn’t know when she would return. Likewise, my assistant had arranged for a business appointment. So that part of our day was suspended. I had time to do my weekly shopping. I am blessed to have someone who does most of my grocery shopping through the internet, which delivers right to the door.

Another act of genius is the human mind, you can order what you please and it will be delivered to your door. In fact even when it’s being delivered you can observe it on your computer.

This is especially wonderful for us vegans. I cannot always find my special food in the grocery store where I shop. But online, what I require is always available and delivered to my door.

Timbuktu Learning Center

Health night, the emphasis was on diabetes. The teacher Leslie Williams called America “one of the sickest nations in the world”. She pointed out that diabetes is one of the major problems. America is hooked on sugar.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Thursday, usual morning. Posted about the city council meeting. We spent considerable time planning for the photo bio. I am very excited and I hope you are too, by this series that will rehearse history while relating it to the present through photos.

My manuscripts are with four publishers, Reflections during the Pandemic 2020-2021. The pandemic suggests what the title suggests, thinking about the awful time of covid-19. This book should be out in another month, then we have a manuscript. Another publisher promises to have the Passing of the Giants of the Human Spirit. This tells the story of my association with various persons in various activities, mostly around the question of human rights and self determination. And this should be out in a few more weeks. The third is the manuscript 52 Weeks on Biblical Reflections, which is to be out in two months. The fourth is the Theology of Reparation and Liberation. The book addresses just what the title says. Theology is the study of the knowledge of God in relation to humanity. So the title suggests how God thinks and acts in relation to human liberation and reparation. And this promises to be out in 6 months .

I had a talk with Bishop Arnold. Bishop Arnold’s son Julian, 19 years old was killed in an accidental shooting. The shooter was aiming for another person. You can imagine the devastation of the father, mother and especially family and friends. As I mentioned I suggested a street naming and a scholarship in his son’s honor.

And finally, I had an interview with the New York Magazine. The subject matter was Bishop Lamar Whitehead. Bishop Whitehead has been arrested for various crimes. I did an interview long before the alleged criminal act took place. I was called to confirm my quotes. Basically, he had claimed to be the son of Arthur Miller. I indicated that in our movement in 1978 and through the years I had not seen him. I could not say whether or not he was Arthur Miller’s son. But I was cautious of his presence.


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