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Traveling and Thinking out Loud with the People's Pastor (Mon-Wed) January 23-25, 2023

Monday 1/23/2023

We had our usual Lifeline prayer from 7am-8am, followed by conversation. I met with one of my assistants to plan out my schedule for the week. Later that evening, we had our Timbuktu Learning Center Meeting, where we had political night and open mic.

Tuesday 1/24/2023

The third Englewood Council Meeting and Justice for Bernard Placide

I attended the third Englewood Council Meeting. Again, the room was crowded. The people were still vigorously pursuing justice for Bernard Placide. After the long line of speakers, I spoke. I said, “I have been fighting on this issue of police misconduct before some of your own council before you were born. It is incredible that we have to protect ourselves from the people we pray to protect us. There have been numerous times where people have called for assistance from the police and they end up dead in their own house. As in the case with Bernard. I put before two things what I think are two doable items for the council to work on. First, I supported the five demands of the community. Then I single out the two items:

  • That the officer who killed Bernard be suspended until the investigation has been completed, that’s the least that you (the City Council) can do.

  • Secondly, that there be a citizen review committee, police with subpoena power to oversee the police department.

These two items are doable and they test the level of your sincerity.

Wednesday 1/25/2023

We had our usual Lifeline prayer from 7am-8am, followed by conversation.

10-11 am One of my typists, Sharman Blake, has returned and we discussed the existing topic. There are some people who make a request before God and even when they see results, they are too afraid to rejoice and be grateful. They are afraid that there might be a reversal. I quoted two Scriptures, Jesus said, whatsoever things you desire when you pray, believe that you will receive them and you shall have them. So when you pray you should rejoice for God has heard you and God has sent the answer. It may not be in the form that you desire, for the form that you desire may be hurtful to you or may not be God’s will. So the second teaching of Jesus is found in what we call the Lord’s prayer. The verse that says, “Thy will be done.” Jesus teaches us that in all of our prayers we should say, “thy will be done.” For it means, trusting God to give us the best answer to our prayers.

My other typist and I worked on Daily Prayers. We already have posted 365 prayers for every day in the year. Check it out on Herbert Daughtry Global Ministries Facebook. Now we’re working on another season of prayers.

Timbuktu Learning Center

The subject was Alzheimer's disease. Our teacher Leslie Williams taught that in her research, and she quoted the sources, that Alzheimer’s can be healed or what we can do to prevent the disease. I simply urge everybody who is concerned about their health should attend our Wednesday night at 716-427-1168 passcode: 604309#


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