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Traveling and Thinking out Loud with the People's Pastor (Mon-Tues) January 30-31, 2023

Monday 1/30/2023

Lifeline Morning Prayer 7am-8am

Philadelphia Eagles beat San Francisco 49ers; Kansas City beat Cincinnati so they will play in the SuperBowl in a few weeks. Both teams has a quarterback of African Ancestry: Jalen Hurts of the Philadelphia Eagles, Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs is a mixture. Neither team had a Black coach however, Kansas City has a Black coordinator Kansas City won it in the last session.

I am sharing a post that my daughter, Rev. Leah Daughtry wrote on Tyre Nichols and my response:

There are things I was going to do today that I will not do today because today I am sitting in my ash heap, picking at my wounds ... Salted by the tears of Tyre's Mama. And George's Mama. And all the Mamas. And the Daddys too. Cause Daddies cry too even if we don't see them ...

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My response: Leah, I along with all who were born to lead, know the feeling. We more than others feel the pain of weeping mothers and fathers. You were born the day before the March in Washington as if God wanted you to witness this mighty gathering, United in the demand for freedom. Many of them gone now but the issues for which they gave their lives are still with us. Yes, we are Wounded Healer-bearing the pain of others. Significantly, in post, what you felt came as a result of what happened to others and what they were feeling. You remember, Jesus spoke of Joy, His Joy. It is what keeps us going, paradoxically the JOY OF JESUS, which is to love and serve God and to love the people, to work with and for their well being!

Timbuktu Learning Center

Timbuktu - Usual night, our discussion was on Tyre and the important part was during our prayer time, we received a request for prayer. The request was made by someone who had an accident which had him unconscious for a while and he reported that he was under treatment, but his memory was faulty. So we offered assistance with qualified medical people and any other kind of help he may need. But, it is what makes our church and organizing different is that not only do we believe in prayer as evidenced by these various prayer groups that we have. But we believe that they are material things that we could and should do for our supporters and people in need. So I’ll keep you up to date on this accident.

Tuesday 1/31/2023

Lifeline Morning Prayer 7am-8am

One of my typing assistants caught up with the Traveling & Thinking out Loud.

Timbuktu Learning Center

History of Violence in the USA

In the Timbuktu Learning Center Tuesday nights is history night and reacting to the brutal killing of Tyre Nichols and a long line of other police killings and savage beatings. I reviewed the violence in the USA and going back to slavery. The violence that was visited upon our people during the centuries of violence is too well known to repeat here. So I concentrated on the violence after the Civil war. I reviewed the Supreme Court decisions, the 13th Amendment which freed the slaves. The 14th Amendment which made citizens and the 15th Amendment which gave the right to vote. The Congress passed laws calling for Southern conventions in which all males will have the right to vote.

By 1875, there were 16 persons of African Ancestry in the Congress. But the South did not give up, in fact they won the propaganda war while at the same time creating a reign of terror. By the turn of the 19th Century all the games had been rolled back. Whole Black communities across America were destroyed. Black people were killed or seriously wounded, their homes and businesses were destroyed. It seemed the favorite method of inflicting pain and humiliation was hanging. A hanging in many instances was comparable to a picnic. Church was let out early so the parishioners with their children could get to the hanging in time to enjoy every act of torture and pain. Bodies were mutilated, burned and parts of the body were sold as souvenirs.

By 1919, what is called Red Summer because of the violence that swept across the country. We all know about Tulsa, OK; Greenwood, FL but there were other communities in Atlanta,GA and Elaine, AK, etc. So by the end of the 19th century the Supreme Court ruled that segregation, separate but equal, was enacted. So segregation and all of its hideous dehumanizing acts became the law of the land.

Watch for my book coming out soon, entitled Reflections on the Pandemic 2020-2021 with a special chapter on January 6th Insurrection and violence in the USA.


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