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Traveling and Thinking out Loud with the People's Pastor

Sunday, July 17th

Sunday, our usual basketball prayer and camaraderie. My nephew, Minister Gregory accompanied me all along the way Saturday and also Sunday. Also we did our men's prayer from 8:45am-9:15 and afternoon service 11:30-1pm.

I did two radio programs: 10-10:30am Imhotep WBLS, WBAI respectively, the subject was the both programs hosted by Imhotep and Herb Boyd. We dealt with the following subjects: the passing of Al Vann, Nelson Mandela’s birthday on 7/18 and the challenges of the troubled world and how to deal with stress in today’s world. Very briefly I suggested eight acts: Live Right, Sleep Right, Eat Right, Exercise Right, Sleep Right, Think Right, Laugh Right, and Give Right.

And by giving I explain three things:

1.) Intangible: give encouragement, give praises

2.) Tangible: give contributions, give tithes, offerings

3.) Give Yourself. It has been said that the happiest people and therefore the people without being stressed out are the people who have found a cause to which they could give themselves bigger than themselves and outlive themselves.

Regarding Al Vann I talk about what is in the article and Mandela, I mentioned that I had the honor along with my grandson Minister Lorenzo Daughtry-Chambers participating in the funeral and the burial of the 17 ministers that were officiating. Only Reverend Jesse Jackson and I were the only two non-South Africans.


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