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Traveling and Thinking out Loud with the People’s Pastor

Friday, June 17, 2022

We started the morning with our lifeline of inspiration and prayer. Monday- Friday 7am- 8:30am (or how long one chooses to stay). There is a long history to this prayer and inspirational circle. 5 years ago as I felt inundated with the many calls coming in for prayer or counseling and problem-solving, I felt God directed me to start the prayer circle, that was March 15, 2017. This morning I continued to teach on the Seven Challenges for an Abundant Life. The Scripture that I used was Jesus’ statement, “ the kingdom of God is within you” Luke 12:17 or some versions call the kingdom of God is around you. Whichever Scripture one chooses to use the basic idea remains the same. God is in us, around us, or near us, but God is always present.

June 12 Issues

June 12th issues are very much present, war still rages in Ukraine, people are still being killed and the properties are being destroyed. There doesn’t seem to be any peaceful solution in sight. Another global issue was the heat wave that was burning up large parts of the country Southwest and South. Temperature was over 100 degrees. It is another global issue that we’ve been concerned about. In our Save the Planet, Save the People movement we encourage people to join our committee. After all “the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.” The world belongs to all of us and we must act that way.

Save the Planet Save the People Monthly Organizing Meeting

On Saturday 6/18, we had our third monthly organizing meeting via Zoom. Because we had changed the date and time it interfered with people’s schedules plus the Poor People’s Campaign was holding a rally in Washington D.C. It reminded me of the Poor People’s Campaign and Resurrection City in Washington D.C. that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., initiated, in fact it was a heated debate among the followers of Dr. King. Whether he should turn aside and deal with the sanitation workers in Memphis, TN or continue to devote his full-time and energy to the Poor People’s Campaign, the rest is history. The PPC was cut short with his assasination in Memphis. Although others tried to carry it forward but without Dr. King it lost its steam.

Thank God for Bishop William Barber who took it up and raised issues that Dr. King was raising. It was/is a part of one of the issues that we included in our Save the Planet Save the People, more specifically June 12, 1982. We had pointed out the military budgets of the nations of the world. If directed to the people’s needs we could have a heaven on earth. In my speech during the June 12th weekend, I quoted facts and figures regarding military budgets and human needs.

During our Organizing meeting, while only 50% of our presenters were present, we still had a productive meeting. The issues that we touched on were our Timbuktu Learning Center with Minister Lorenzo Daughtry-Chambers. Also global issues, war and peace and human needs. The Lifeline Prayer and Inspiration Fellowship with Sister Genell Leak, Sister Delores Pridgen is the initiator of power in the one-liner and Sister Sarah Daughtry-Chambers coordinator of Social media. Other issues and persons were Praying with the Basketball: the gym 7-7:30am, conference call 9-9:30), the State of Georgia, 24 Hour Prayer Chain, Sustainable Energy (climate change), Health & Wellness, Organizing for justice in the Jersey City School Systems. I did an overall presentation of the state of saving the planet, saving the people and our various ventures in our continuing efforts to implement viable enterprises.

The reason that we changed the time was due to the recital of my great-granddaughter Lauren Joy Daughtry-Chambers age 4, the recital was held at BRIC Arts Media in Brooklyn with the Creative Outlet by Jamel Gaines, the theme was Juneteenth. All the children were exceptional in their dancing routines and singing, but of course for me and I reckoned for the family, the star of the show was Lauren. I reckoned every parent would say the same thing for their child. It was an indescribable feeling of joy and gratitude watching my great-grand perform. It is a tradition in our family that whenever a member of the family has a special occasion, a graduation, participant in a play, athletic contest anything, it is the tradition that everybody shows up unless there is an extreme emergency or unless they are out of town and there’s no way to get back in time for the event.

I drop everything, but what is extremely important is that I made another commitment prior to being informed of the child’s event. We have traveled many miles to get to a program or an event in which a family member is participating.

Last week we attended another program in which Lauren participated and for that program we had to cut short our participation in the June 12th final forum of the weekend's events.

Prayers with the Basketball Players

Sunday, June 19th at 7:30am I was back in the gym for prayer with the basketball players. It is always an inspirational and enjoyable time being with the players. I overheard one of the players saying to a few others who were new to the games played in the gym. “It is Reverend Daughtry and his prayers that have kept us together all these years.” I was accompanied by my nephew Minister Greogory Daughtry.

Ordinarily, we would have another prayer from 9-9:30am, seldom do we go to 9:30am. We wanted to keep the conference call alive because once COVID-19 hit the scene we could no longer meet in the gym. We started doing conference call prayers. For two years we kept the prayer flame burning, so we want to keep it alive. All men are welcome. We have enlarged the participants to include all male.

Contact us for gathering location at 833-236-7555


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