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Reflections on the Election 2020 Part 28

Returning to Violence in America

In addition to the above cities already mentioned, the Summer of 1919 is called Red Summer 1919 because of its extensive violent massacre. Red Summer 1919 will always be remembered as one of the bloodiest if not the bloodiest years in America’s violent history towards people of African Ancestry.

In Brooklyn, New York we had our own Red Summer we called it the History of the Bloody Summer of 78’ (after violence politically) So, the rampaging insurrectionist violence in Washington on January 6, 2021, is no more than a replay of what had happened in America. Going back almost to the beginning. And the key to almost maybe all the violence related to the electoral process was the denial of Black participation. I cannot help but wonder where the nation would have had it corrected the first instance of violence towards Blacks trying to exercise their political rights. Surely the country would be much further toward a more perfect union. The Scripture is so true; we reap what we sow. The progenitors of this present generation of white racist terrorists express the behavior of their ancestors.

Cite Stolen Lives book

Violence by the Legal System includes:

Police killings (who they’ve killed)

Violence by the Court System (sentenced unfairly the New Jim Crow- book)

Correctional Facilities Jail Cells Violence/ Appeal system

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