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Reflections on the Election 2020 Part 1

Unless God Intervenes

Leaving my television on while watching one of my old sitcoms, as they used to call them, I was awakened around 5:30 a.m. Sunday, November 1st, to the Jeffersons Movin’ on up, another sitcom. After watching the spiraling spread of the virus and the campaign practically all night, I thought I needed a little laughter before sleep. Around 6 a.m. when I had enough of the silliness I turned to CNN and the news, “hit me right between the eyes. According to the polls, Mr. Trump was gaining on Mr. Biden in Florida and they were about even in Michigan, Mr. Biden was still ahead by a few percentage points, and Mr. Trump was ahead in Iowa. Then there was the report on Biden's campaign bus being encircled and slowed down on a Texas highway by Trump supporters in cars and pickup trucks. The bus supporters canceled the planned campaign stops.

In North Carolina, police broke up a peaceful Biden support march organized by Black Lives Matter leaders. And then there was the intervention by the Supreme Court in Wisconsin. The Supreme Court ruled that they would not extend Wisconsin’s deadline for receiving absentee ballots to six days after the election. There have been lawsuits challenging all across the country. Another court decision in Pennsylvania which gave the people a few days after Election Day but that the votes had to be held on the side until after the election for a final ruling. This decision, written by recent Supreme Court Justice Brett Cavanaugh seemed to lean towards Mr. Trump in case the question came up later. In Texas, the Republican party tried to nullify the votes of over 125,000 people who were told they could give their votes to proper authorities in various election places while they waited in the cars.

As I pondered these developments, the continuing thought was pressed upon my mind, more forcibly than before. Unless God intervenes in some dramatic way, Mr. Trump will win this election. Decency, fairness, righteousness, truth, and respect will have been defeated by lies, corruption, violence, intimidation, misrepresentation, etc. Looking at the present scene, the visible forces of falsehood are far more powerful than truth. The awesome power of government is in the treacherous hands of those who have conspicuously demonstrated that they are prepared to do anything to win; lie, cheat and even retaliate against those with whom they disagree. They have invited the support of racist, white supremacist thugs, violent militia groups, and domestic terrorists. They have encouraged foreign governments to assist them. The Federal Government has been used to disrupt postal services, corrupt the Justice System, politicize the courts, discredit the electoral process, and abuse the media except for right-wing conservatives ie. Fox 5 News is a propaganda outlet for Trump. They have even threatened the social media moguls, ie. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, etc. because they would not run false and misleading statements. They have used the Republican Party along with the Justice Department to launch investigations and hearings to create suspicion on their political opponents or those who questioned their behavior.

When we view all of the obstacles above and even more which time and space do not permit me to record, it ought to be clear why I am concerned and believe that God has to intercede.

I have just completed identifying the Seven Behaviors of Mr. Trump that God Hates Parts One and Two which behaviors are very much in operation during this election.

Listed below are the Seven Behaviors:

  1. Pride

  2. A Lying Tongue

  3. Hands that shed innocent blood

  4. A Heart that devises wickedness

  5. Feet that be swift in running to mischief

  6. Bearing false witness

  7. Source discord among the brothers

All people who believe in truth, justice, compassion, and love in other words, who believe in the Golden Rule “do unto others as you would want others done unto you” surely will be hoping and praying for the candidates who embody the above principles will win - Overwhelmingly! And if for some reason lies and hatred win then there must be a reason that God would allow it to happen. I remember the lines of James Russell Lowell from the poem, The Present Crisis Truth forever on the scaffold, Wrong forever on the throne, Yet that scaffold sways the future, and, behind the dim unknown, Standeth God within the shadow, keeping watch above his own. But I still believe that truth, decency, and respect will win.

There is one other aspect of the election that causes me concern. Mr. Biden and his surrogates including former President Obama are spending a lot of time in Black and Latino districts in various states including Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas. The report is that the Black and Latino districts are underperforming. I am having difficulty restraining my anger and confusion. Why does this extra energy and time need to be spent in the Black and Latino communities? It should be a foregone conclusion that these two groups would be voting to capacity or near capacity for Mr. Biden and Mrs. Harris. And the time, energy, and resources could be directed to other communities.

So, to sum up, the awesome power of the President and his people and the lukewarm participation of Black and Latinos and their support for Mr. Trump again causes me deep concern. But I am still hopeful! This hope coupled with faith has brought us this far and ultimately will bring us to the Promise Land as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. so eloquently said in the historic March on Washington in August 1963.

To be continued...

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