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Reflections on Election 2020 Part 6

I Told You So

Let me lay claim to another first. It occurred to me a long time ago that who Mr. Trump is and what he does is primarily because of his supporters. It follows, that it is not Mr. Trump who is the only one on trial or maybe even not the primary guilty party. We or his supporters are on trial. What Mr. Trump does is because his supporters let him. It is the story of his life.

Encouragement from Supporters

There have always been people who let him and even encourage him

in the most bizarre, destructive, and self-delusory behavior. Remember what he said, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn't lose any voters, OK?” (CNN, January 24, 2016) Also, remember his niece's description of his childhood.

What his supporters have done:

  • They have stuffed him with copious amounts of food for his arrogance.

  • They have fanned the flame of his crazy passions.

  • They have caressed and nurtured his pride.

  • They have made allowance for his absence of compassion.

  • They have excused his abusive behavior, especially as it relates to women.

  • They have justified his racism.

  • They have turned their heads to his xenophobia, especially in his cruel immigration policies and practices.

  • They have remained silent as he gave encouragement to white supremacist, racist, and domestic terrorist groups.

  • They have allowed him to destroy or discredit historic cherished institutions ie: the justice department, media, courts, postal service, science community, etc.

  • They have winked at his lies and misrepresentation of over 20,000 times as stated by The Washington Post.

  • They dismissed or treated lightly his cozy relationship with President Kim Jon Un and President Vladimir Putin:

    • Consider Helsinki, where he chose Mr. Putin’s words over his own intelligence community.

    • He has criticized American traditional allies while praising Mr. Putin and Mr. Kim Jon Un.

    • He has remained silent while Russians paid to have American soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

  • They said not a word while irrefutable evidence was presented which showed Mr. Trump withheld important support for Ukraine until or unless they provided damaging information about Mr. Biden. (All Mr. Trump wanted was an accusation that Mr. Biden had engaged in an unethical relationship with Ukraine. It would give Mr. Trump enough bullets for his misrepresentation and lies about Mr. Biden.)

Perhaps his most grievous behavior was in the 2020 Presidential Election which Mr. Biden won by a landslide. The same electoral votes that Mr. Trump won in the 2016 Election 304 to Mrs. Clinton 227. Mr. Trump boasted that his election was a landslide, but refuses to acknowledge Mr. Biden’s victory. However, Mr. Biden at this point has a popular leader with over 80 million. The results before and after the election were Mr. Trump’s attempt to use different measures to discredit and or destroy the credibility of the election.

His chief supporters including the masses knew all that is written above and more, and yet still supported him with 74 million votes.

It is as though values that we used to appreciate and pay respect to even if we did not live up to their standards, i.e., truth, fairness, integrity, compassion, honesty, etc. don't mean anything anymore. Therein, maybe, it is the greatest destructive behavior of Mr. Trump. He has demonstrated that nothing of value means anything to him. It may be comparable to what the Bible refers to as the unpardonable sin. In the Scripture, Jesus was accused of being the devil after he had cast out the devil from a man who was possessed. Jesus responded, “those who believe such a thing shall never be forgiven of their sin.” Really, how can they be forgiven when the difference between truth and falsehood, good and evil cannot be recognized? This raises the question, has America reached a point of non-forgiveness?

This much can be said for Mr. Trump, he knows his people. According to Michael Cohen, Mr. Trump’s former attorney, and fix-it-man, who offered evidence against Mr. Trump to the prosecutors. He said, “they, he and Mr. Trump, would make fun of some of the world's most powerful, prestigious people who would humiliate themselves before Mr. Trump.” After their departure, Mr. Cohen said, “they would laugh at the groveling sycophancy of these ‘powerful men and women.”

At the risk of being repetitious is there any more compelling evidence that Mr. Trump is a madman than what we are seeing regarding the election? Everyone knows Mr. Biden won but the mad king living in his own reality insists that he won the election. That it was stolen from him.

Now as I write on November 29, 2020, at 1:05 pm we are waiting for two key states on the brink of certifying the election results, and would you believe it, in Michigan, one key Republican of the four certifiers is expected to vote against certification knowing that Mr. Biden has won the election. Now keep in mind, that Mr. Biden won Michigan with 154,887 votes to Mr. Trump’s 10,704 votes. Over 140,000 Mr. Biden won and this elector plans to deny or reject all of these votes -Madness! Madness! Madness!

The only question left is what punishment will Mr. Trump receive? For the Bible teaches “God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day” Psalm 7:11 KJV.

However, the sad reality is that the innocent suffers with the guilty. The mad king destroys himself and others. As I have stated in other places, we are all members of the human family. And what is done that provides good we share whether we had anything to do with it or not. Therefore we must be prepared to receive the bad. I reckoned that one of the reasons God has arranged it this way is to encourage us to be concerned about each other and to work to build a better world for all.

And finally, during the impeachment of Mr. Trump surely there was enough evidence to prove his guilt of the charges presented but again Mr. Trump supporters, Republican supporters, and the masses first fought against impeachment. And once he was impeached in spite of irrefutable evidence, they fought against the charges being leveled against him. Only God knows how much death, sickness, pain, and stress would have been eliminated if Mr. Trump had been found guilty and removed from office.

To be continued…

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