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Reflections on Election 2020 Part 11

Mr. Trump Psychologically Unfit

Increasingly, Mr. Trump’s words and actions are being defined in unflattering names. Representative Jackie Speier (D-CA) says “Mr. Trump was never the President of America…..but the president of the Trump organizations.” She said this reacting to Mr. Trump’s dismissing Russia as the culprit for the hacking and blaming China. According to the report, there has been unprecedented hacking of U.S companies and governmental agencies. It was one of the major news stories of the last several days. Practically everybody in America blames Russia for the hacking. Even William Barr, U.S. Attorney General (Mr. Barr resigned on December 23rd), and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo agree with the prevailing opinion.

  1. For months Russian hackers have been working at perfecting the infiltration. It is significant that Mr. Trump refuses to blame Russia. Throughout his administration if there is one thing in which he has been consistent it is his support for the Russians. It has already been stated that:

  • In Helsinki, in a press conference, the question arose as to Russia’s interference in the 2016 election which accusations were made by the U.S. Intelligence Community. Trump chose to believe Mr. Putin and dismissed the report of his Intelligence Community.

  • When all evidence pointed to the Russians being guilty to have American soldiers killed in Afghanistan, Mr. Trump admitted to never saying a word to Mr. Putin about it. He admitted to having multiple conversations with Mr. Putin but never raised the issue.

  • There have been other instances where clearly Mr. Trump showed admiration and support for Mr. Putin beyond the norm. His decorum in the presence of the Russian President is far different than his usual swaggering arrogance. This has caused his severest critics to call Trump, “Putin’s little puppy.”

Surely, it must be crystal clear to anyone who has followed this President in the last four years that there is a strange and unusual relationship that Mr. Trump has with Mr. Putin. I wonder why the critics have never accused him of being a Russian traitor or Asset. It seems that they come to the edge of the water as did Representative Speier but refused to take the next step.

There was at one point talk of a dossier in which Mr. Trump had been compromised regarding sexual activity and financial dealings. It has been reported that Russia is one of Mr. Trump’s major financial backers makes a persuasive case for Mr. Trump’s being a Russian asset.

  1. Mr. Trump psychologically unfit

John Harwood, White House correspondent for CNN said that, Mr. Trump is “psychologically unhealthy”. This he said because of a report that there was a heated debate in the White House whether Mr. Trump could use martial law to overturn the election. Mr. Michael Flynn, former U.S. National Security Advisor was one who argued that Mr. Trump as President would be within his legal right to do so. Also joining Mr. Flynn was Attorney Sidney Powell, one of the lawyers on Trump’s legal team which sought to overturn the election via the court system. They went to court across the country many times losing every step of the way, even being ridiculed. Ms. Powell was the ring leader in the conspiracy theory that foreign countries through their flawed computer systems had created a mess in the American electoral machinery.

Mr. Barr, a star Trump supporter indicated that he opposed seizing election machines and reaffirmed that there was no voter fraud which, by the way, is one of the reasons that got him fired.

It was not stated whether Mr. Trump went along with the argument of martial law. I for one would not be surprised even if he hinted at or encouraged an American militia to engage in some form of intimidation or violence. I have stated in my article published September 4th on Trump’s options should he lose the 2020 Election. Among the things that Mr. Trump would do should he lose the election was he might seek political asylum in Russia and, also, I raised the possibility of him using violent resistance to overturn the election. It is believed that multiple lawsuits await Mr. Trump when he is no longer President and as stated huge debts will be due following the end of his presidency.

It is important to note that Mr. Trump has been called many names related to his abnormal behavior. As I have pointed out increasingly, his behavior was brought under scrutiny by many credible observers. They are using terms that suggest that Mr. Trump is not mentally and emotionally well. I remind my readers that long ago, in fact, I was one of the first, if not the first to recognize Mr. Trump’s behavior revealed that he was becoming “unhinged”. I even quoted the ancient saying, “ the gods first make mad those that they are about to destroy.”

In my last article published on December 4th, I suggested a team of scientists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and sociologists reconvene to evaluate the behavior of Mr. Trump and make a public report.

My evaluation of Mr. Trump’s behavior was informed by my theological interpretation.

Narcissism or the ultimate self-aggrandizement is a manifestation of Luciferianism. According to the Bible story Lucifer, an angel that was created by God wanted to be like God and eventually sought to usurp the throne of God. So self-centeredness is attempt to be like God or to be more than God ultimately the guilty party is destroyed but first made mad or insane. an

  1. Emperor Nero fiddled while Rome burned

All the while the furor around hacking was going on and debate regarding overturning the election was happening, the country was spiraling towards destruction as a result of covid-19. In some cases, the President was discussing election fraud, resistance, and conspiracy theories. It calls to mind what was written about Nero, emperor of Rome. It is said that he fiddled while Rome was burning. Well, it can be said by this President while Mr. Trump was golfing, gawking, and tweeting the nation was starving, dying, and downward reeling.

In one state, doctors were considering a plan for rationing care. They indicated that they may have to ration ventilators and who will receive certain services. It has been estimated that 27+ million Americans are without enough food and 85+ million are struggling to pay their bills. If covid -19 wasn’t enough the report comes from Britain that there is another virus or a strain of covid-19 that is even more contagious. Some nations have closed their countries to Great Britain.

It is indeed the worst of times and in some sense the best of times in that we celebrate the hope of Christmas and vaccines being circulated. In addition to Pfizer developing a vaccine now, Moderna has also discovered a vaccine.

To be continued...

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