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Reflections on Election 2020 Part 7

Is Mr. Trump Ready to Acknowledge the Inevitable?

On December 1st, 2020 there were three major developments that may suggest Mr. Trump sees the end. Maybe his world of illusion has been punctured.

Mr. Barr Finds No Irregularities, Conspiracies, or Fraud

  • William Barr, U.S. Attorney General issued a report that his research found no conspiracy or fraud that would overturn election results. It was his questionable investigation into the election that was one of the items that Mr. Trump and his supporters were counting on to find fraudulent activities in the election or finding none would find a way to concoct enough irregularities to raise questions about the election. But now Mr. Trump’s arch supporter who has engaged in questionable decisions and practices announces that there was nothing wrong with the election. It would seem that that statement would put to rest charges of conspiracies, fraud, and cheating regarding the election. In this writing, there has been no response from Mr. Trump. Mr. Giuliani, Mr. Trump’s lead attorney says that Mr. Barr didn’t conduct a thorough investigation. (It has been reported that two of Mr. Trump's lawyers have contracted coronavirus. For Mr. Giuliani, it is probably far more serious considering his age, his weight, and his prior health condition. Years ago, he had been operated on for prostate cancer. Giuliani is the lead attorney on Mr. Trump’s team attempting to find reasons to overturn the election results.) More than 50 people on Mr. Trump’s team have been affected by COVID-19.

Pardon Time

  • Secondly, it is said that there are serious discussions by Mr. Trump in the White House of pardons. It is reported that his children Donald Trump Jr., Eric, Ivanka, his son-in-law, and Mr. Giuliani suggested that they should be pardoned.

  • His number one media mouthpiece Sean Hannity made the suggestion in an interview with Mr. Trump. It is believed by some media pundits that this interview was set up to start the conversation wherein Mr. Trump would say, “I didn’t want to do it but I was persuaded by supporters to issue the pardons.” In the same discussion, there was mention of pardoning Mr. Trump himself. The debate or idea was resisted by some lawyers who said how can you have a pardon when there is no guilt? There is no such thing as a preemptive pardon. The discussion coupled with Mr. Barr’s reports adds to the belief that Mr. Trump has finally been forced to face reality.

Fanning the Flame of Resistance

  • The third and final development was the statement made by one of Mr. Trump’s attorneys, Joseph DiGenova who made a wild and crazy suggestion in a public statement. He said, “Anybody who thinks the election went well,” he said, “like that idiot Krebs who used to be the head of cybersecurity, that guy is a class A moron. He should be drawn and quartered. Taken out at dawn and shot” regarding Mr. Chris Krebs, who was the Chief of Cybersecurity and Architect of the election. He was fired by Mr. Trump.

The outlandish statement by Mr. DiGenova clearly revealed the desperation that the supporters of Mr. Trump must feel and yet they continued the charade. There are reasons suggested why Mr. Trump continues putting forth the idea of fraud and thievery. Some say that he is raising astronomical amounts of money with only a small portion going towards his defense. The lion’s share can be used for various purposes. Another reason associated with the above is he is preparing to make another presidential run. The money being raised will help him in that regard and who knows for what other reasons. Mr. Trump, as everybody knows, has all kinds of dealing when it comes to handling money.

The madness of Mr. Trump prevents him from realizing how much he has won. Because of his madness, he cannot entertain the idea of losing. After all, in his world of reality, he is perfect. He can never understand that there are some priceless lessons that we gain by losing or failing, that we can never learn otherwise.

Now, if I were advising Mr. Trump I would suggest that he make this statement that would go something like this, “To my family, my competent staff, and all of my loyal, faithful friends and supporters I’ve been doing some deep thinking of late. I have decided to concede the election. I want to commend President-Elect Mr. Biden for waging a hard-fought campaign.

I’ve given direction to my staff to provide all that is necessary to make a smooth transition. And I want to urge all of my supporters to recognize Mr. Biden as the next President of our country.

It is my love of our great country and my love for all of you who have supported me in spite of all the obstacles and the enemies I’ve had to face, that I make this decision.

But let me hasten to say I will not stop fighting for the things I believe will ‘Make America Great Again’. There are priceless lessons that only can be learned in losing and failing. Those lessons prepare us for greater victories or success in the future which more than make up for the impostors, defeat, and failure.

  • There is no such thing as failure or defeat to the determined, patient, courageous, resourceful, resilient, tough pursuer of an objective.

You know I have the above qualities in abundance.

  • The second lesson, defeat teaches us how to define winning and losing. There are losses and defeats which can be more important for the future than what is happening in the present. Consider what we have won:

  1. We increased Black and Latino membership in the Republican party.

  2. We won over 74 million passionate and committed voters.

  3. We picked up 10 Republican House of Representative seats.

  4. We won eight governors.

  5. We held the greatest rallies ever.

  6. We, through warp speed, have produced the vaccine in record time. By July of next year, all Americans should have received a vaccine, who want to do so.

  7. We won 25 states and 232 electoral votes.

  8. At the date of this speech, we did not lose a Senate seat.

I leave with the regret that I did not do more about COVID-19. Finally, I’m not going away with 74 million strong, loyal enthusiastic supporters; and my competent steadfast staff. I intend to make our presence felt. I intend to ‘Make America Great Again’. So, to all of my friends, family and supporters stay strong, stay ready we are all winners! ”

To be continued…

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