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President Netanyahu and Supporters Resist Ceasefire Part Five and Six

Part Five

President Netanyahu and Supporters Resist Ceasefire

All though most of the world’s population are demanding, in all kinds of dramatic ways, a Ceasefire, President Netanyahu and supporters are moving straight a head with even more massive death and destruction. And what is the reason? They argue, passionately, that Hamas must be destroyed and any delay will give Hamas valuable time to regroup and come back stronger than before. And so, the indescribable suffering of innocent human beings continue.

How many innocent people President Netanyahu and supporters willing to kill and their homes and properties destroy in order to kill the killers? And what is the guarantee that Hamas can be destroyed? And if it can be destroyed, how long will it take? A month, a year, or two or three or maybe never? Or maybe the name Hamas can be eradicated or fall out of use? Does that mean, the ideas drove Hamas to what it is eradicated, or will show in another name and another place? It is the overwhelming majority of the people I know and what I have heard and read, there will always be a Hamas, or a PLO until a permanent solution is consummated - a Two State Solution!

Sadly, the four D’s from hell will continue: death, destruction, disease and deception.

I mentioned deception, now reported that President Netanyahu(and maybe American leaders) funded Hamas to the tune of 360 million. I’ve already related that MR. Netanyahu had supported Hamas. So, added to all the misery and suffering the people and the land are enduring, they have to endure the deception of war leaders.

It has been said, “the first causality of war, is true “ and maybe second, the massive death and destruction of the innocent!

Part Six


Friday 12/8/23 U.S. Veto U.N. Resolution on Ceasefire

Surely it will go down as one of the saddest chapters in American history. The horrors that we are witnessing in Gaza, innocent human beings, children, babies, the elderly, infirm, helpless are being slaughtered, whole cities destroyed, including hospitals; humanitarian aide denied, 17,000 people killed, half children, and to be against Ceasefire; to be against stopping this death and destruction madness: which means, U.S. endorses what is happening in Gaza!

I wonder if the vote would have been the same if it were their loved ones; or if it were on their block or in their city? This madness would be happening.

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