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Ceasefire Rally at the United Nations (U.N.) Part Three

The War In Gaza Resumes With Massive Death And Destruction

It is hard to watch the massive suffering in all kinds of ways that the people, innocent people, in all kinds of help conditions, are enduring in Gaza even as I write. Surely what is happening in Gaza right now must be ranked among the worst war crimes and crimes against humanity in human history-and there have been some unspeakable acts of cruelty inflicted on humans by humans.And here is one of the most complex ironies of history, those who were once the victims of all kinds of crimes once in power become the Doers of what had been done to them and some time worse!

There is a piece of mind-blowing news baffling every body especially the supporters of Israel. It has been reported that President Netanyahu and his administration knew the plan of Hamas to invade Israel. In fact they had the plans in their hands a year ago and they did nothing! Why?All kinds of reasons have suggested The most sinister reason is that President Netanyahu wanted Hamas to invade, so his superior military power could obliterate Hamas and occupy Gaza in his strategy to take over all of what had once been Palestinian land.

Another reason is that Mr. Netanyahu didn’t think Hamas capable of such a monumental enterprise. In other words, they were simply dreaming the impossible dream.

Another reason, the one that I’m leaning towards, it has also been reported that Netanyahu had formed an alliance with Hamas on Gaza against Armad on the West Bank the strategy that Hamas and Israeli would defeat Ahmad, Hamas would have control Gaza, under lsraeli rule, of course.Thus, the Two State Solution would no longer be under consideration.

How true any of the above is, I know not, what is true is that the innocent people are suffering massive death, destruction, disease and deception.

Let us not lose hope for a better world.

Let us continue to demand:

:Cease Fire

: Release of the hostages.

:Humanitarian Aide:


Two State Solution!

Pray! Advocate! Work!



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