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The House of the Lord Church where Black Political power was born and nurtured Part Seventy-Five

Photo Bio Series Part Four: History of the Black United Front 1980 MESSAGE FROM OUR CHAIRMAN

REV. HERBERT DAUGHTRY Chairman, Black United Front Although 1979 has gone into oblivion, its events, issues and personalities will be forever recorded in our memory.

It was the year that David Sibeko, a member of the P.A.C. 's Presidential Council was assassinated in Dar es Salaam; Ambassador Andrew Young was forced to resign his Ambassadorship to the United Nations and a Black Mayor was elected in Birmingham, Alabama.

It was the year that revolution continued to sweep the world, deposing dictators and hauling down flags of imperialism.

It was a year in which political and economic tensions here in the U.S.A. were enhanced as people laid claim to the resources of their countries and unemployment and inflation evidenced an ever deepening economic crisis.

It was also a year in which the resurgence of Klan activity and police brutality all reached genocidal proportion.

Into this seething racist caldron, THE BLACK UNITED FRONT, a movement Born in the heat of police murder, Hasidic Jews vigilantism and white terrorism; Steeled in the confrontation with an anti-Black mayor; Hardened in efforts to prevent hospital closings; Strengthened in its support for Black leaders under fire; Broadened in its international solidarity with Caribbean and African states and


Raised aloft the torch of hope as it galvanized unparalleled dedication and exemplified the highest expression of Black courage, sacrifice and perseverance.

As you read this calendar, rest assured that THE BLACK UNITED FRONT will be somewhere struggling for the liberation of our people and let us be challenged to daily live our lives embodying the words of Marcus Garvey, "UP YOU MIGHTY PEOPLE, YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH WHAT YOU WILL."

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