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The House of the Lord Church where Black Political Power was born and nurtured Part 61

Moving closer toward nuclear war

There are recent developments which I believe are moving us closer to nuclear war. There was the decision by Saudi Arabia to withhold two million barrels of fuel/oil from OPEC. This move brings hardship in the USA. Gas prices will go up. This is not good for the democrats as we move closer to midterm elections. In addition, it enhances global inflation. Perhaps the most important point is that it helps Russia. It means that Saudi Arabia is treating Russia as an ally. President Biden recently met with the leaders of Saudi Arabia; thought he had worked out a friendly arrangement that would help with the fuel situation.

* Now the recent move by Saudi Arabia in the United States. Congress members of the Senate is calling for punishing Saudi Arabia by withdrawing military support in armament and technology.

* Another nation that has angered U.S. leaders is Iran. Iran is sending military trainers to train Russian soldiers in addition to sending missiles and drones. The U.S. leaders were working on reviving the nuclear development that President Obama had put in place and President Trump had ended.

* In Ukraine itself, over the last twelve days there have been over two hundred missiles and drone attacks. According to President Zelensky, over thirty percent of the energy power stations have been destroyed. This sets up a terrible situation as winter approaches – not only energy but food, lights will become scarce.

* According to Ukraine, the missiles and drone attacks have been on human infrastructures. Russia from all accounts, and sometimes you have to read between the lines, seem to be gaining ground or winning the war. When the situation is reported by Zelensky and Ukrainian leaders, the destruction is massive. And let us not forget that Russia just recently annexed four provinces and with the help of Iran is strengthening its military forces. But after saying all that according to US Press and American advisors to Ukraine, Ukraine is putting up a gallant fight. In fact, one Russian leader says that Russia is defeated or “Russia’s loss is inevitable”. The war will be over by summer. And don't forget President Biden has stated that Ukraine will not lose.

What the situation gives President Zelensky is the opportunity or the justification for asking for more money and more sophisticated weaponry. He has stated repeatedly, Russia is bombing/destroying civilian communities. In other words, President Putin is a war criminal and therefore needs to be labeled by the world as a war criminal. More

weapons are needed to defeat him, otherwise Ukraine will not satisfy his appetite for more land.

Moreover, President Zelensky has said in so many words Russia is bluffing when it threatens to employ nuclear weapons. He is trying to blackmail the world. Of course, most of American press which is simply the mouthpiece of Ukraine leaders, endorsing everything they say.

Instead of NATO, U.S. leaders and the press is demanding an end to war, negotiations and peace and a settlement that can be mutually beneficial. They were almost there once as I have written about and we the people of the world need to add to the demand for peace, and that the resources they have been investing in the war effort now be directed to human needs to save the planet and save the people. We have formally outlined what we the people of the world are demanding:

1. Peace in and among nations must be observed an end to hatred, violence, killing, destruction in our nation and war among the nations of the world.

2. Nuclear Disarmament that the nations of the world MUST cease nuclear testing and disarm nuclear weapons.

3. Environmental Justice that the disadvantaged communities will no longer be neglected or exploited or poisoned. Our environment must be clean and healthy.

For example, no more Flint, Michigan and fracking.

4. Economic Justice an end to impoverished communities and joblessness. A more equitable distribution of the world’s resources, goods and services.

5. Sustainable Energy that all nations and individuals will cease using destructive fuel and toxic elements.

6. Human Rights that all people will enjoy freedom, justice and equality and observe Thomas Jefferson's quote, behold these truths to be self-evident, all men (women) were created equally endowed by their creator in certain unalienable rights among the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

7. Human Needs that there be an end to poverty and care for the needy. The incalculable amount of resources invested in militarism should be used for the improvement of life for all the citizens of the world.

8. Human Mobility that the nations will implement a humane policy that would permit travel for pleasure and for residence.

Let us mobilize to Save the planet and to Save the people.

*On another concern, let us not forget Brittany Griner, yesterday 10/18 was her birthday. Let us keep her in our prayers and keep working to free her.

To be continued…

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