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The House of the Lord Church where Black Political Power and Culture was born and Nurtured Part 36

The History and Spirit of the House of the Lord Church


To recapitulate the major points of the last article: the challenge to tradition, religion, and state authorities; progressive trailblazing; economic enterprises, and in addition, the Bishop placed a lot of emphasis on education. He was known for his preaching and teaching. It was debated whether he was more of a teacher than a preacher. Unfortunately, practically all of his books and papers were lost. What was saved was a little book entitled, “Constitution and Bylaws of the House of the Lord and Church on the Mount”. It contains the usual rules and regulations for church members - what was unique about it was that all rules and regulations had Scriptural references. Thus, showing Mr. Daughtry’s deep and comprehensive knowledge of the Holy Bible and his hermeneutical or interpretation dexterity. Also, again, evincing pedagogical emphasis. Moreover, also demonstrates progressive spiritualism.

This Constitution and Bylaws, although may be shown not only the Bishop’s concern for present governance, but also for the people. He knew that if the church was to stand on solid ground and last far into the future it had to have a strong base that could stand the challenges of the coming years. The importance of what the Bishop did can be appreciated if we ask the question, how many small congregations with no church home or building would prepare a Constitution and Bylaws.

Years later, in 1960, Rev. Dr. Herbert Daughtry Sr. became the National Presiding Minister, following the example set by his father, he along with his wife Rev. Dr. Karen Daughtry revived and expanded the Constitution and Bylaws, and later under the Rev. Leah Daughtry, the daughter of Rev. Herbert & Karen Daughtry, further revisions were made. It is a rather impressive document that becomes immediately obvious that a lot of time, energy, and knowledge was put into the volume's production.

Additionally, under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Herbert & his wife other important documents were produced:

  • Mission Statement:

The mission of The House of the Lord Church is to apply the Gospel of Personal salvation through Jesus Christ, the filling and in-dwelling of the Holy Ghost, healing for body and mind, high moral and ethical disciplines, and the return of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ in a holistic synthesis of progressive spiritual and social action, including:

  • A struggle against all forms of oppression and exploitation often is manifested as racism, sexism, and classism.

  • A struggle for human rights and self-determination for all people.

To implement this holistic approach, our ministries are:

  • PRIESTLY: Interceding with God through prayer, fasting, rituals, and ceremonies.

  • PASTORAL: providing healing, counseling, and direction.

  • PROPHETIC: Critiquing society from a Biblical perspective that places God on the side of the oppressed, exploited, outcast and impoverished.

  • PEDAGOGIC: Teaching not only the great Truth of Scripture but also secular history, particularly the truths related to oppressed people’s contribution to humankind.

  • PROGRAMMATIC: Developing educational, cultural, and economic programs and institutions.

  • POLITICAL: Creating and/or participating in the creation of organizations and/or coalitions that employ various actions to achieve human fulfillment.

Always concerned about mission, Reverend Herbert continued conceiving ideas and programs to reach the people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. He developed what he calls EOBO (each one brings one) heavy emphasis was placed upon individuals, what used to be called soul winning. He challenged each member to gain at least one member a year. It was calculated that if each member would bring one member a year and if you had ten members in five years you would have hundreds, and on and on to multiplication, we continued it until it had reached the world. It didn’t seem hard at all for one member full of the Holy Spirit driven by the mandate of Jesus to be “my witnesses” to get one member.

Similar to the above, there was also EMOM (every member on a mission). To stir up the zeal of members regarding the mission, Reverend Daughtry thought of the idea of involving the whole church on a mission. Every member, he said, “is on a mission, every member should get up in the morning thinking about a mission, during the day you should be thinking about missions and at night the same - mission. Every member is on a mission. God has called every member to be on a mission.”

To be continued…

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