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The End of Hamas?

President Netanyahu has declared he plans to annihilate Hamas for its attack on Israel.

Firstly, let us agree that the first casualty of war is truth. The enemy is demonized. They bomb hospitals, schools, children’s playground, residential areas; they rape women and little girls and cut off the heads of babies: the enemy is a terrorist. On the other hand, my side obey all the UN rules of war.

When Mr. Netanyahu says he will destroy Hamas, surely he knows that he can destroy some people, call them what you will, but he and all the people who believe as he does, will never be able to destroy the idea that drives Hamas-their own Independent State, and all that that means.

I don’t want to speak for Hamas, but think everybody knows where of I speak. There will never be peace until there are two Independent States, each free to go it’s own way, mutual respect for each other, cooperating where possible. Without the two States Solution, there will continue to be war, death and destruction. And the people, Israelis and Palestinians, and each side’s loved ones and supporters; the children, babies; the structures, the creations of human genius all destroyed- death, destruction, homelessness while the leaders stay safely secure, in comfortable, even luxurious amenities while talking war death and destruction with other people’s lives.

I watched with a heavy heart little children holding adults hands leaving Gaza as fast as they can, so it is with countless others. Does anybody in his/her right mind think that these children- these young people,in particular, but all people in general, will ever forget- forget that once upon time, for centuries they had land, homes now they are running for their lives never to return home again.

I pray when this period of human madness is over, world leaders will insist, employing whatever means necessary, on peace, and the establishment of a two State solution!

Part II

Sun. 10/15/23. It is now 6:24a, I have been up most of the night, waiting for the Israeli invasion. It didn’t happen. But that doesn’t mean that the bombardment has ceased and strategic excursions into Gaza is not happening: No indeed. According to one report, 700 are children. Remember, half the two million population are children. So, unless there is peace along the way, there will be generations of wars. As these children are killed, wounded, standing alone crying, running, they know not where, we are witnessing the Hamas of the future. Remember Arafat and the PLO the Palestine Liberation Organization. We were told they were the problem. They were the terrorists. They are gone now, at least some of the people are gone and the name is gone, but the war continue!

Let us continue to pray, and work and advocate for peace!

Part III

Sitting here, in Grenada WI, reflecting on the day’s series of events in Commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of the assassination of Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and others, I couldn’t get Gaza off my mind…

Is it war plus genocide? Or just plain genocide? Or just plain old war? The graphic pictures that we see via technology, electronic and print are too horrific, indiscriminate; old men and women, boys and girls, even babies, residential areas, recently, a hospital was bombed, with each side blaming the other.

Additionally, there is no way out and Israel controls the electricity and the water. The people, are without lights,heat, food, water and even shelter. The people are on the move, trying to navigate the broken, debris strewn roads while carrying babies in arms and or holding their hands.

Decent, fair minded people with even a little compassion are asking, when will Israel have satisfied it’s desire for revenge? Some say Israel wants to occupy the land. Pray! Work! Advocate! For peace and solution that will be mutually beneficial to all side.


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