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President Biden’s Press Conference on his return from his meeting with G7 leaders in Ukraine

Part I

President Biden returned from his meeting with the G7 leaders in high spirits. He expressed his accomplishments:

  • 800 million dollars drawn out for Ukraine (a group not long ago the Congress allocated 40 billion dollars for Ukraine. This on top of the already 15 billion that had already been spent or allocated. However, this does not satisfy the insasianable demands of President Zelensky. He wants 5 billion dollars a month. The present allocation includes highly sophisticated defense and nuclear weapons.

  • More ships for Spain and trains for Germany, Italy and England

  • Military headquarters in Poland

  • 300,000 troops were deployed in strategic places by NATO

  • Finland and Sweden were now joined with NATO; he and President Biden settled the objections of Turkey. At what price was not disclosed. Turkey had objected to Finland and Sweden joining NATO and of course the Russians strenuously rejected. This, according to President Biden, stretches an 800-mile protection along Russia’s border.

  • Also, he mentioned that they are preparing for a threat from China.

    • After his presentation, the President was questioned by the press. There was one question which was asked and two questions I thought should’ve been asked but were not asked.

    • First, I think we should understand that a significant part of the American press seemed to be a propaganda mouthpiece for President Zelensky and the Ukrainians. The first question that was asked, “How long will the U.S. support Ukraine?” The President's response was, “As long as it takes.” And I would comment, As long as it takes? It is a scary answer. Does he mean that this war with Ukraine and the US support can go on forever? Does he mean my great grandson and daughter should get prepared for war? And with the war prolongation if there’s a slip-up or accident where someone or somebody says or does the wrong thing which precipitates a nuclear war? And as I say, his response was scary.

    • The second question that was not asked and I wondered why, why this unlimited support for Ukraine. They have been fighting over there for years. I think they have been two wars involving Ukraine. Why now and what’s the game plan? Why is this threat of perpetual war and the possibility of nuclear weaponry? What makes Ukraine so important?

    • The next question I would ask, and most importantly, is why haven’t they arrived at Russian and Ukraine negotiated and not implemented? According to Michael von der Schuelenberg, he writes:

“The key elements for a peaceful solution have already been worked out by courageous Russian and Ukrainian negotiators in the first two months of the war. According to these, Ukraine would renounce NATO membership and not allow any foreign military bases on Ukrainian soil, while Russia would commit to recognizing Ukraine’s territorial integrity, withdraw all Russian troops from Ukraine and accept international security guarantees for Ukraine. It had also already been tentatively agreed to give a special status to the Donbas within Ukrainian territory (as already foreseen in Minsk II) and to resolve the future status of Crimea at a later stage through purely diplomatic means.

Certainly, this is not a complete peace treaty – not yet; many difficult details remain unresolved. But the outcome of these peace negotiations, even if only provisional, represent an astonishing achievement at a time of war. There is and will be no other peaceful solution than to agree to some form of Ukrainian neutrality in return for preserving Ukraine's territorial integrity. It would be completely illusory to assume, as some Western governments like to claim, that such a peace treaty is a purely Ukrainian responsibility and that they should stay out. To use this to justify the West's silence on Russian-Ukrainian peace efforts is highly disingenuous.”

It is of paramount importance that the American people, the world and the peoples of the world, are just all peace loving people who must ask the question why the agreement didn’t work. Who objected and why?

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