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The 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop Part Five

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop

Part Two: Tupac Shakur Conversations from a Jail cell

Name it, Frame it, Claim it!

That conversation stayed on my mind a long time. I told him that this was another teaching moment that I would spread near and far. Hence, I want to write about it. Consistent with the title of the article Name it, Frame it, Claim it, I want to go over these points.

Name it-when you desire something, as I have stated and written about previously, if you want to achieve it, be clear to name it. Call it what you want and desire. Think and pray about it. Do not discuss it with everybody. Some people, even your closest relatives can be discouraging, deliberately or undeliverable and other times unaware of their discouragement. I remember when I was discussing my vision of saving the world and saving the planet with some of my friends. I was emotionally involved and how I was planning to do this. The people I was talking to started talking about other things like grapes. They deliberately squashed my enthusiasm.

Another time when I first started out in a storefront church, I had several elderly members. At that time, I still had the vision of saving the planet. I discussed my vision with some of the mothers of the church and one of the mothers immediately turned to the other and said,” I want a cup of coffee and a piece of cake.” I was shocked and crushed that they couldn't visualize with me. I remember Jesus saying, “do not cast your pearls before swine as they might turn on you and tear you to pieces.” What I believe Jesus was teaching was that putting your heartfelt ideas, visions, before people may take a wrong turn as your ideas, they may use for themselves or against you or use to discourage you.

So, in summation:

Name what it is you want to achieve.

Frame It. Exactly what Tupac did. Some people call it map making -same principle-objectifying what you are visualizing to help you achieve clarity. The more you think about it the clearer it becomes. If you have someone close enough that you can trust with the pearls of your vision, express it with them. However, it holds true for what I mentioned above, don't talk to everybody. But if that rare person can appreciate your vision, that might help you clarify and expand it.

Claim it-How do you claim it. You claim it by feeling and acting like you already have it. Jesus said, “whatsoever things you desire when you pray believe that you have it, and you shall receive it.” The words of Jesus sums up the teaching on this subject. You will notice that Jesus said whatsoever things you desire, name it, you are consumed with the idea, when you pray, think, meditate, reflect, believe that you have it. Start acting like you have it.

Tupac acted like he already had it he started writing, and rapping rhymes immediately. When you claim it, you feel it. It influences your entire being thus you are sending, pulling, attracting vibrations into the universe, and drawing your vision unto yourself, simultaneously you are being drawn to the vision. That is the rendezvous, the meeting of the internal vision with the external realization of the vision. You are going to get what you already have. That is my explanation of what apparently was the contradiction of Jesus' statement. Whatsoever you desire when you pray believe and you shall have it. You have it at the moment you desire it. So, Name it, Frame it, Claim it!

Please see my book -Weekly Biblical Reflections on the Mastery of life and - the Life and Times of Tupac Shakur


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