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Made to Master: Weekly Practices for the Mastery of Life Clearly, we are "Made to Master." God wants us to be the masters of our lives; masters of our evolution. There are 52 pearls you should practice. You should cultivate, work at, and think about these practices all day, and every day. This is not to suggest that you try to remember all these things all day long. No, but at the subconscious level, there will be movement to implement the ideas you have internalized. Even when you are resting, still, or relaxing, you are practicing the principles of self-mastery. When you consistently work at practicing them at the conscious level, they will reach your subconscious mind. When they reach there, they become a part of your being. Without you trying, they will be reflected in your life. So, you are functioning at two levels - subconsciously, where the practices are being actualized with no conscious effort on your part; and consciously, where you will be taking care of the business which demands your attention. Then, occasionally you can devote conscious effort to actualizing the Practices.

Made to Master Weekly Practices for the Mastery of Life Volume II

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