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In August 1971, the Brooklyn Council of Churches asked Reverend Herbert Daughtry to provide chaplain services for the Boy Scouts Camp in upstate New York. "I viewed it as a Godsend," says Reverend Daughtry. "Those were tough times for my family and me. My ministry seemed unproductive. Church and personal debts were mounting. Money was scarce. Confusion and discord reigned." That time proved life-changing. Surrounded by the majestic summits and flowing streams of the Catskill Mountains, Herbert Daughtry wrestled with his faith, exploring and testing new ideas about what it means to really believe and trust in God. The result is this volume. For all who face a crisis in faith ... who struggle to believe in the face of mounting obstacles ... who wrestle with God in the midst of towering challenges ... this practical guide to building, maintaining, and keeping your faith is for YOU!

Made to Master Volume I

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