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Traveling and Thinking out Loud with the People's Pastor Wednesday, February 8, 2023

President Zelensky visits Britain for the first time, wants jet planes.

President Zelensky of Ukraine was in Britain yesterday, February 7, 2023, to ask for more military help. According to the American Press he received “thunderous applause” from the Britain Parliament as well as the general public, as he entered the building where the Parliament sits.

In his address to the Parliament, he said, “Freedom will win. Russia will lose. We have the freedom, give us the wings to protect it.” During his speech he asked for jet fighters. He was assured that there would be training to fly standard NATO jets but at this time no jet planes. However, it is believed that the jet planes will be forthcoming. He was promised more highly sophisticated weapons.

I have raised the question before where will it end? Will he ask for nuclear weapons? Will President Biden and the NATO nations give him whatever he asks, as they have done with other requests. Remember when he asks for more advanced weapons and then it was missiles, air shelter missiles against Russian missiles and drones. Then it was the most advanced tanks in the American and German arsenal.

At first the Germans refused and called on the Americans to provide their tanks. American leaders said their most advanced tanks are unsuitable for Ukraine’s territory; they are complicated to operate and repair and too expensive. But America agreed to build a new tank specifically fitted for Ukraine. The Germans, who had been reluctant to be the first to provide advance tanks as they did not want to be accused of escalating the war, are now willing to provide the tanks.

So, it seems that step by step we are moving closer to nuclear war. Russia has indicated that they will not lose the war and have threatened to use nuclear weapons if they have to. Keep in mind that every time President Zelensky’s demands are met, Russia increases its bombardment of Ukraine.

Again I believe that the people of the world need to demand that the leaders in this war should ceasefire, negotiate, and work for a peace that is mutually beneficial and prioritizes human needs.

Saturday February 18th there will be a Prayer for Peace sponsored by the Committee of Religious Leaders (CORAL) at Saint Patrick's Cathedral, 50th Street and 5th Avenue, New York, at 2 pm Sharp. This rally is hosted by His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan and His Grace Metropolitan Boyrs Gudziak.

For more information regarding involvement in the peace movement call: 833-236-7555 SAVE THE PLANET – SAVE THE PEOPLE

I posted the following on Facebook:

President Zelensky visited England with his usual shopping cart, this time hoping to acquire fighter jets. While his request was met with thunderous applause in the parlor, England declined to provide them at this time. However, they did promise to offer more highly sophisticated weapons to Ukraine."

After leaving England, President Zelensky arrived in Paris again he was given wide support. It was interesting the news reports as usual you have to read between the lines to try arriving at the truth. For an example, the press the old generals admit that Ukraine has been under heavy sustained bombardment by the Russians, large parts of the countries infrastructure has been destroyed. And as observed Russia is preparing for a major offensive in the spring or sooner. Ukrainians are leaving their country by the millions and are refugees in other countries. 1.5 million are refugees in Poland alone. Hence from the statements and from the images of destruction shown on the friendly tv, you would think that Ukraine is being terribly destroyed and the Ukrainian people are losing the battle and incl fact leaving the country. So what does the press do? Well only a slight reference to the courage of the Ukrainian people who are winning the war of wills or determination. They are determined to fight on. They are intersecting Russia’s drones missiles. One city of the seven drones that were fired, they were able to knock out 60.

The other trick of the trade when you are not winning you then shoe that your opponent is losing or is becoming discouraged of their horrible people. In other words the press informed us that:

  • Russian tanks are running over their own soldiers. Of course there was an image of a tank running over a soldier whether it was Russian or an accident.

  • The interpretation of Russia soldiers affecting even Russian soldiers changing sides and Russian soldiers denouncing their country.

  • Russians have been using prisoners . 50,000 are ex convicts. However 80% of prisoners no longer want to fight in the war.

  • There were quotes from disgruntled former Russian soldiers.

  • The Ukrainian people, particularly elderly people and children are shown suffering from the absence of infrastructure. No heat, lights, etc. this demonstrating how cruel President Putin is just Putin and always the supreme devil.

  • There is internal power struggle. Russia is undergoing and intense power struggle.

  • A Russian priest was shown preaching a sermon on dying for Russia. He is quoted the saying “the best way to die is in a war“ he’s quoted by the media. To sum up your left with the idea while these wicked people headed by wicked Putin is inflicting all kinds of unspeakable cruelty upon the Ukrainians and even upon their own people. Ukraine is winning the war of wills and if we give them what they want it will defeat the Russians.


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