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Traveling and Thinking out Loud with the People’s Pastor (Sun-Thurs) February 12-16, 2023

Sunday, February 12, 2023

7:30-8:30am basketball in the gym, now that the weather has changed.

After basketball, the Men’s Prayer 8:45-9:15am (telephone conference call), in that prayer we had a new member.

Inspired by Hamlin, I preached the sermon topic, "God of another plan."

Monday, February 13th, 2023

Post eye doctor, I missed morning prayer today.

I had a discussion with a member of the family when you use your access to power. The member returned to eye doctor and everything is fine.

I responded to Mawusi’s Ture comment on my post from 2/10:

The tale of three Countries Early this morning 2/10/23, I studied the televisions continuous showing the deep, extensive damage done to Turkey, Syria and Ukraine, by the force of nature and the destruction by humans and the incalculable deaths and disruption of human lives. Obviously, I prayed, but I felt a deep sadness and anger. Sadness for the people and anger at the Leaders wagering war in Ukraine. It is as if, the leaders in Ukraine are competing with the force of nature, who can kill and destroy the more. And there is no movement toward negotiations or talks. But from safe, secure, comfortable, even in some instances, luxurious distance places, the leaders boast about fighting to the end. The end for whom and for what, Peoples of the world? This is our world!

Let us demand: CEASEFIRE NEGOTIATIONS (an agreement mutually beneficial) PEACE PRIORITIZE HUMAN NEED

Let us Save the Planet, Save People!


  • Mawusi Ture: thank you for the invite to host an Anti War rally at our Church, also for the information.I think I have a different position from what I think I have heard and read.It seems most people are in the “blame game “ or choosing sides as to who is the aggressor. I don’t know enough about the history to make a decision or choose sides. My position is: Cease Fire, Negotiate, Peace (a solution mutually beneficial) Prioritize human need. I will even accept, keep fighting while negotiating.To keep fighting until sides win.

Mawusi Ture: Herbert Daughtry Sr. the longer the u.s. keeps giving weapons and other military assistance to Ukraine, the long the fighting will continue. Zelensky didn't even come to power fairly; he came to power visa vis a u.s. backed coup back in 2014 when t… See more

Herbert Daughtry Sr.: Which is where we are, both sides said they will not lose. There is even talk of Nuclear Weapons employment. On your path we insist following will lead to continuing death and destruction and eventually annihilation.

Mawusi Ture: Herbert Daughtry Sr. Then you also remember my Baba, Baba David Brothers who was also in the All African People's Revolutionary Party. He was staunchly anti imperialist and he would most def agree Ukraine is nothing but a proxy for NATO and u.s. imperialism . . .

Tuesday, February 14th

We had our morning prayer, weekly affirmation and Scripture readings.

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Morning prayer, weekly affirmation and Scripture.

My typist, Sharman and I worked on my sermon The Demonic in Systems and Institutions.

My other typist Melanie and I worked on daily prayers.

Our Wednesday Night Timbuktu Topic were about Bones.

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Morning prayer, weekly affirmation and Scripture.

I had an interview at the House of the Lord with an interviewer on Mayor Eric Adams.


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