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The Power In Sound Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine

The last chapter I wrote about naming and claiming what God has given to you. Now, the second point I want to make is Rappers ( and others artists but I’m dealing with Rappers now.)are the beneficiaries of a race experience; what this means is that what you have doesn’t belong totally to you. You have a gift! God and the Ancestors have been gracious to you. You have been endowed with a gift that has brought you fame and fortune. But I want to remind you Again, That This Gift That You Have Received Doesn’t Belong Totally To You! It belong to all of us! It belongs to the brothers and sisters who are homeless and I know PAC would want me to tell this. Your gift belong to young brothers and sisters trying to make it, locked in poverty; powerless, purposeless, and personless. Your gift belongs to young sisters ( yea the old too) but young sisters especially who deserve our respect, our protection, our caring, and not our abuse and manipulation! Let us de-emphasize our personal wealth and let us emphasize our collective responsibility! Let us minor in personal ego expansion and major in collective advancement! Look for chapter ten next Sat. In the meantime check out my Traveling…. Thinking with the People Pastor (that’s me I was given that name by the people I hope I have lived up to it) Also other subjects I think you will find interesting. Call us for more information 833 236 7555


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