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The Power in Sound Chapter Four

Chapter Four

The Power in Sound. 7/27/22 I completed chapter three. I pointed out our ability to make music or to create rhythm out of anything. I mentioned; shoe shine rags, in the Church, there were washboards, (of course tambourines and drums) and when there was no physical object, we beat our hip and chest. Rapping I said “was in our genes. It’s in our melanin, It’s in our blood, It’s in the beat of our heart. It’s in the Essence of who and what we are. Nor is it confined to our external reality. It’s woven into an indefinable, mysterious something we call rhythm, which flows from and connects us to the Creator and the Cosmos. I name this rhythmic link to the Cosmological, Rhythmic, Essence (C.R.E.). In our most Rhythmic we are one with the Cosmos and our Artists are one with the Cosmos. They are possessed and they carry us way out or way in until we too become possessed. Look for chapter five next week. Join us today 1p SAVE The PLANET; SAVE The PEOPLE! Monthly Organizing Meeting. Check out our post for more information.

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