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The House of the Lord Church where Black Political Power was Born and Nurtured Part Ninety-Seven

The continuation on the history of NBUF

The National Black United Front Speech (Part Four) 44th Annual Conference, Healthy Village Learning Institute McKeesport Pennsylvania

July 7th - 9th 2023

Because it is so relevant with the author Herb Boyd’s permission, I would like to include his editorial from The Amsterdam News on July 20, 2023.

Another third party problem?

by Herb Boyd July 20, 2023

Cornel West Photo Credit: Solwazi Afi Olusola photo

Both President Joe Biden and former President Trump are flawed, according to Dr. Cornel West. In a move to distance himself further from the other presidential candidates, West is running on the Green Party and/or the People’s Party ticket. In his denouncements, he cited Biden’s past “connections” to segregationists, and Trump’s views on racial matters.

During an appearance on Fox News Hannity on Monday, West stated that his bid for the Oval Office was as “serious as a heart attack.”

To clarify his charge of Biden’s connection to segregationists, West cited that in 2008, Biden reportedly called the former Mississippi Sen. John Stennis, “a hell of a guy.”

West is also accusing Biden of “crimes against humanity,” against African Americans, confirming a report that appeared in the New York Post. When Hannity noted that minority voters were mainly tied to the Democratic Party, West said it was as broken as the GOP, both he charged in the pocket of “big money” and corruption.

Whether the Green Party or the People’s Party, West’s bid is getting the attention of Democrats, many of whom are recalling 2016 and the third-party campaign. “This is not the time in order to experiment. This is not the time to play around on the margins,” warned DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison, a close Biden confidant, over the weekend.

Harrison is perhaps referencing Hillary Clinton’s race against Trump when considerable votes went to Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate. Such a spoiler was also noted by David Axelrod, Barack Obama’s chief strategist. “Now, with Cornel West as their [Green Party] likely nominee, they could easily do it again. Risky business.”

“What we see is a lot of folks who want to be relevant and try to be relevant in these elections and not looking at the big picture,” Harrison said. “We got to reelect Joe Biden.”

There are marked differences between Clinton’s run seven years ago and West’s current bid, mostly between the candidates themselves. West may be popular on the left and in academic circles, he in no way brings the same kind of political background Stein possessed. Even so, there is a large swath of Democrats concerned about Biden’s age and his policies.


It just so happened that the morning of August 14th I posted to Facebook an article entitled,

Seventeen million people endorse force to restore Trump Third Party Candidates

Think hard of the future of our people

Later on, the same day as above I reflected on another subject in the same vain regarding Donald Trump. It is reported that with every indictment, his support increases. At this point he has been indicted on three felony charges, one more is expected this week coming out of Atlanta, GA- totaling four indictments. This does not include civil cases where he’s had to pay out money. Hence, we must face the incredible truths that Donald Trump has such influence over millions of people that has been publicly recorded, they are probably millions more undercover. What will happen next year should Mr. Trump win the presidency. And let’s face it that’s a possibility, especially with Third World candidates drawing votes away from the Democratic nominee. And if Mr. Trump loses will there be a Civil war or violence across America? In future possibilities, what ought we to be thinking and doing to prepare for any eventuality?

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